sdsu logo for student affairs and campus diversity KEEP programK.E.E.P. (Knowledge Exchange Empowerment Program)


To increase awareness of issues that affect career success within systematic oppressive systems of executive or workforce leadership by providing professional and personal guidance, leadership development, and intellectual and emotional support.


 Deadline to apply for fall 2020: September 24th 



K.E.E.P. aims to cultivate Black students in higher education with their transition from student to professional.



K.E.E.P. informs Black students in higher education of strategic ways on navigating systematically oppressive systems by receiving guidance from current Black professionals.

  • Exchange Knowledge: Students will connect with Black executives to discuss career pathways and strategies to overcome barriers experienced by marginalized professionals.
  • Strategic Planning: Students will receive professional strategies to successfully build and cultivate relationships that can be leveraged for career advancement.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Students will develop the fundamental skills that are essential to becoming leaders of the 21st century. They will learn how to address challenging situations and acquire the confidence to provide support to fellow peers. They will understand the importance of integrity and also develop accountability when making decisions.
  • Economic Empowerment: Students will learn the importance in achieving short- and long-term goals related to financial literacy including but not limited to: access to economic resources, employment opportunities, financial services, property and productive assets resources, and financial skills development.


This program focuses on exchanging knowledge between generations to enhance; strategic professional development; economic empowerment; and financial literacy. This semester-long program brings together a number of Black professionals wanting to empower future leaders in an effort to bring diversity and social equity to corporate leadership. Students will engage in bi-weekly programming with Black professionals to assist with career exploration. Students will have the opportunity to build organic relationships with professionals across industry while strengthening their network.



Both students and professionals will benefit from sharing knowledge, information and perspectives between academia, the public sector and service providers. The interaction will improve understanding of how Black students can successfully transition from the status of student to professional, and for professionals to gain an understanding of current and future generational trends of young future professionals.

Exchanges are a good way to improve expertise and knowledge, and will provide excellent professional development opportunities by enhancing experiences, and skills of young future professionals.

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