SDSU Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Please review eligibility requirements carefully. If you do not meet eligibility requirements, you will not be considered for the scholarship.

Find eligibility requirements via SDSU scholarship search

Eligibility requirements are provided through SDSU scholarship search.

  • After you have selected your class level and major from the drop-down menus on the scholarship search page, a list of scholarships will appear.
  • Once you click into a specific scholarship, details of application and eligibility requirements will be listed.
  • Carefully read all the information provided for each scholarship.

Committee review

The application materials you submit for SDSU scholarships are reviewed carefully by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS) to ensure that you meet the specific scholarship’s requirements.

If you do not submit all of the application materials and meet the eligibility requirements, OFAS will not send your application to the scholarship committee for review. Without committee review, you will not be considered for the scholarship.

  • For example, if the scholarship requires applicants to be biology majors and that is not your major, you do not meet the eligibility requirements for that scholarship.

If your application is forwarded for committee review, it will then undergo the selection process.

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