University Scholarship Management System (USMS)

The University Scholarship Management System (USMS) is a secure online database that gives current SDSU faculty and staff 24-hour access to information about SDSU scholarships, including:

  • Scholarship application, eligibility, and award guidelines
  • Student application materials
  • Scholarship award history
  • Scholarship committee rosters
  • Recipient thank you letters
  • Scholarship account documentation


USMS Log in

Log in to the University Scholarship Management System using your USMS user name (usually your first initial followed by your last name) and password.

How do I log into USMS?

Log in using your USMS user name (usually your first initial followed by your last name) and password.

How do I request a USMS user account?

If you are an SDSU faculty or staff member who will be working with SDSU scholarships, you may request a new USMS user account by sending an email to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Scholarships Team at [email protected]  Please note that only current SDSU faculty and staff are authorized to have access to USMS. Current and prospective SDSU students are not eligible for USMS user accounts and may access information about SDSU scholarship opportunities through the SDSU Scholarship Search Tool.

How do I reset my USMS password?

Your USMS password expires and must be changed every 180 calendar days.  You can change your password more frequently, but the system will require you to change it at least every 180 days.  Beginning 14 days prior to your password’s expiration, each time you login, a warning will display the number of days remaining.  The system will prevent you from logging into your account if your password expires between login sessions. 

You may reset your password yourself at any time through the main log in screen for USMS.

Need help?

If you have questions about the information displayed in USMS or how to navigate the online database, please send an email to the Scholarships Team at [email protected]