Who Can Apply for SDSU Scholarships?

All students, regardless of grade point average, area of study, citizenship, or residency status are encouraged to apply for all scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Q: Can I apply for a scholarship if…?

  • I didn’t file a FAFSA
  • I have a low or average GPA
  • I am an international student
  • I don’t have financial need
  • I am a freshman (transfer, sophomore, etc.)

A: Yes!
SDSU scholarships have different requirements. Read the scholarships that are listed for your major and class level through SDSU Scholarship Search to find those with requirements that match your qualifications.

  • When you find scholarships that meet your qualifications, apply for as many as possible in the time you have before the deadlines.
  • You may have to read through several scholarships before you find those you are eligible to apply for, but it's well worth your time and effort if you are selected to receive one or more of the scholarships.