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FALL 2021

Dates: Thursdays (biweekly)
Time: 2:30-4 pm
Location: Zoom

You feel the butterflies. It starts to get serious. Before you know it, you're committed. Time flies, and you encounter conflict and tension in the relationship. While you still feel connected, you also start to wonder if this relationship is going to work out. But with grounding yourself again, and putting in the work, you can find stability and more importantly, the greater calling for this relationship. Join your peers as you move together through these stages of your relationship with your thesis or dissertation. In this group facilitated by Counseling & Psychological Services, connect with others doing the work, find solutions for bumps in the road, and keep yourself on track with reasonable goals toward the completion of your thesis or dissertation.

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Dates: Fridays
Time: 9-10:15 a.m.
Location: Zoom

The Students in the Helping Professions group is tailored to the unique needs of SDSU undergraduate and graduate students training to become helping professionals and gaining experience as helpers (through an internship, job, volunteer, or another space). Careers in the Helping Professions offer great rewards, while also presenting unique demands. Through guided discussions and activities, this group focuses on topics such as self and community care, balancing roles, compassion fatigue and burnout, vicarious resilience, and development of one’s professional identity.

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The 3-part panel series will cover the following topics:

The goal of this series it to provide graduate students of color with support, advice, mentoring. Current graduates will share their expertise and experiences as people of color. Students will have an opportunity to develop relationships and professional network with people who look like them. This panel series is developed for Graduate Students of Color and also open to any graduate student who may benefit.

The 4-part panel series will cover the following topics:

  • The 24/7 of Grad School: 
    • Dates:
  • Understanding & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:
    • Dates
  • Tell Your Story
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  • Who's Got My (Post) Bacc?
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