Compulsory Service

SDSU follows the California State University guidance from the Chancellors Office regarding your compulsory service.

Newly admitted students:

Can defer their admissions and extend their leave of absence. Students must begin attending SDSU within 12 months after being released from compulsory duties. Please contact our Office of Admissions.

Continuing students:

Compulsory service over 30 days - Withdraw from SDSU, retroactively to the beginning of the academic term, with a full refund of tuition and fees. 

Compulsory service under 30 days - SDSU Instructors will provide the service member with reasonable alternative arrangements and due dates to complete coursework missed due to mandatory military service. Examples of alternative arrangements may include:

  • Rescheduling exams and quizzes
  • Creating alternative assignments
  • Offering online opportunities to participate in class
    Establishing alternative dates, times, or modalities for presentations
  • Offering independent study options to complete course requirements

Please contact our Office of the Registrar for more information.