Amnesty Policy


San Diego State University implemented an amnesty policy for students on April 16, 2021. The Amnesty Policy represents SDSU’s commitment to encourage campus community members to report incidents of sexual violence, alcohol or other drug-related emergencies, and incidents of hazing. Since the primary concern of SDSU is the health, safety and well-being of our members, the Amnesty Policy allows students to get help for themselves or others without the fear of receiving disciplinary sanctions through the SDSU conduct process. We all have a responsibility to care for members of our SDSU community, and reporting emergencies can be one of the ways to demonstrate this care.

In addition to the recently established Amnesty Policy, SDSU implemented the Recognized Student Organization Good Samaritan Policy in January 2020.

Please note that the Amnesty Policy applies to individual hazing violations as well. Hazing-related incidents should be reported to [email protected], the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Office of Student Life & Leadership, and/or to San Diego State University Police.

Organizations that have recently been found responsible for violations of the hazing policy and are no longer recognized by SDSU, or that have been unrecognized for years and have been recently reported for hazing-related behaviors, include Beta Omega Phi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, and Theta Chi fraternities. Students and their families are encouraged to research organizations before joining and are strongly encouraged to only affiliate with organizations that are recognized by SDSU out of concerns for safety. More information can be found on the Organizational Policy and Misconduct website.

Enacting the Amnesty and Good Samaritan policies demonstrates our commitment to you and the SDSU community. We hope you will join us in making SDSU a safer and more supportive place for all of us, by stepping up and acting when a member of our community needs help or addressing something you know is not right.

Aniesha Mitchell, J.D.
Associate Vice President for Compliance and Community Standards
Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Randy Timm, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students
Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

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