Student Health Services Pharmacy

Student Health Services Pharmacy Counter

SHS pharmacy is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Wed 930am-5pm.

Our prescription prices are highly competitive and frequently lower than other pharmacies, but you are free to fill your prescription from our healthcare providers at any pharmacy.

Commonly Prescribed Medications Available

Some of the commonly prescribed prescriptions we dispense include:

    Medication     Quantity SHS Price Brand Name

albuterol HFA inhaler

1 inhaler


Proair, Proventil, Ventolin

amoxicillin 500mg 

30 capsules



amoxicillin/clav  875mg/125mg

20 tablets



azithromycin 250mg 


6 tablets


Zithromax Zpack

cephalexin 500mg 

28 capsules



doxycycline hyclate 100mg 

14 tablets



escitalopram 10mg 

30 tablets



fluoxetine 20mg

30 capsules



ibuprofen 800mg

30 tablets


Motrin, Advil

metronidazole 500mg

14 tablets



microgestin fe 1/20 (28 day) tablets

1 pack


Loestrin Fe 1/20

naproxen 500mg 

30 tablets



nitrofurantoin mono/macro 100mg

14 capsules



penicillin vk 500mg

20 tablets


sertraline 100mg

30 tablets


sulfameth-trimethoprim 800/160mg

20 tablets


Bactrim DS, Septra DS
(Prices subject to change based on manufacturer availability.)


If your prescription is not listed above, please check with our pharmacy regarding availability and pricing. 

Over The Counter Medications Available

Over the counter medication section

Student Health Services offers a wide range of Over The Counter (OTC) medications and health supplies, often at costs equal to or lower than local pharmacies or grocery stores.  If you are unsure what to select, our pharmacists can provide guidance on selecting items based on your needs.



How do I fill a prescription from a non-SHS provider?

Before having a prescription sent to our pharmacy, please check if your prescription is available at our pharmacy and what the estimated cost will be. We do not take prescription insurance but the medication will be at a discounted price if available.

Ask your healthcare provider to e-prescribe your prescription to San Diego State University SHS or call (619)594-5924.

How do I transfer an existing prescription from an outside pharmacy to SHS pharmacy?

Call us at (619)594-5924 and give us the name and phone number of the pharmacy and the name or prescription number of the medication. Please allow 24 hours to transfer your prescription to our pharmacy.

When will my prescription be ready for pickup?

Once we receive your prescription, we will not fill the prescription until you contact us to order the prescription. Please call us to arrange your pick up time. 

How do I get Emergency Contraception?

ECP is available without a prescription at the SHS pharmacy. The cost is $15.

What Over-the-Counter items does SHS pharmacy sell?

We offer many special discounted over-the-counter products such as cough and cold remedies, first aid, skin care, feminine hygiene and other useful items you would find from your local pharmacy.

I will be away during break and won't be able to pick up my prescription at SHS pharmacy. How do I transfer the prescription to a different pharmacy? 

Ask the outside pharmacy to call SHS pharmacy at (619)594-5924.

What forms of payment does SHS pharmacy take?

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, credit card, apple pay/google pay. We are not authorized to take credit card information over the phone.