Health Advisories

Student Health Services will send Health Advisories to the SDSU campus community when cases of certain communicable dieases have been confirmed within the campus community or with impact to our campuses.

These advisories are sent via SDSU email. 

Ongoing Health Advisories:

For information on how the University is responding to COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 page.

For information about how the University is monitoring and responding to Human Monkeypox (MPX), please visit our Human Monkeypox (MPX) site.

Information on the current Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli (STEC) cases, investigation, and response is available on our STEC page.

Reporting a Communicable Disease:

We ask that members of our community report to the unviersity if they have been diagnosed with or exposed to any of the following communicable diseases:

  • Bacterial meningitis.
  • Chickenpox / Shingles
  • COVID-19
  • Mumps
  • Measles
  • Monkeypox (MPX)
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • Polio
  • Tuberculosis

If you are not sure if it is a condition you should report, you can complete a reporting form and our team will reach out to you with guidance.

Report a Communicable Disease

For questions or concerns related to communicable diseases, you can reach out to [email protected]

Reporting Other Concerns:

For other concerns, including food-borne illnesses like Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli, please email [email protected].


Last updated: September 6, 2022