The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information for faculty and staff

San Diego State University continues to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local, state, national and international communities and manage the implications for the SDSU context. This site provides information regarding public health-informed procedures and best practices and also forms, tools and other resources for SDSU faculty and staff regarding SDSU's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Report a COVID-19 Case or Concern

The following provide direction on when and how to report test-confirmed COVID-19 cases and incidents.

COVID-19 Positive Response Protocols for Faculty and Staff

In an effort to keep you informed about COVID-19-related protocols for all employees, the following training and communications materials are available to assist you.

Health and Safety

The following is offered in an effort to keep you informed about health and safety protocols and resources available to employees.

Facilities Services Work Request Site

(for facial coverings, coordinate requests through your college, division or department)

COVID-19 Cleaning Plan

Based on a report of a confirmed case of COVID-19, appropriate action will be taken in the impacted space. Student Health Services and Facilities Services (and/or appropriate group maintaining the space) will collaborate to determine risk level and appropriate level of response per the campus response plan. These will include varying degrees of custodial and contracted cleaning and decontaminating response based on the facts of the concern. Below are guidelines to inform decision making regarding the level of cleaning response. These are guidelines only. Decisions will be based on the unique circumstances.

Routine Cleaning

During routine operations the use of disinfectant spray will be coupled with a thorough wipe down of the areas that may need to be disinfected due to heightened concern.  PPE required will be gloves and face covering. Eye protection is optional. This service can be performed by Facilities Services, Housing Facilities Services, or auxiliary employees and/or their custodial contractors based on the availability of supplies, PPE and trained employees.

Outbreak Cleaning Response

This response is initiated when the risk is high based on time in the space, number of cases, or other factors.  This type of cleaning protocol will require a period of disinfection that may include fogging if necessary, and may also include ultraviolet light. Donning and doffing of PPE will be required, including respiratory protection. Disposal of waste marked as biohazard. This will always be performed by an outside contractor.

Academics and Research

The following provides guidelines, tools and assistance-based resources for instructional faculty and researchers.

Technology Resources

The following provides information about resources and tools to assist instructional faculty and researchers in their teaching and research. ​​​​​​​Faculty can also get just-in-time (Zoom-based) support from the Virtual Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center by visiting online.

Other resources include: 

Additional Information, Resources

All are asked to rely on reliable sources of information, and to report any COVID-19-related concerns. The following are several options you can utilize for assistance.