Welcome to the Fall 2020 semester!

We are counting on you to make this an amazing year at San Diego State University, both for you and your fellow students! We are happy you are a part of our community and will be with you along the way.

 Take Note, and Do This

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Know the requirements

Know the requirements for your health and the safety of our community and complete the training. A special training has been designed specifically for students. We ask that, before the first day of class, any student who will come to campus or take an in-person class take the time to review the training.

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Complete daily health screening utilizing Presence

Every day before coming to campus, all students should complete this self-screening. Before the start of class, students may have their temperature checked and be asked to answer the screening questions. We recognize that symptoms can onset throughout the day, which is why we are asking them to conduct the self-assessment before coming to campus and then again at the door to ensure that students are still fever free.

Complete health screening

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Sign the SDSU Health Commitment

The pledge is a personal commitment to engage in behaviors that support your individual and our community’s health.

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Check your official SDSU email account

All official campus communication will be delivered to your SDSUid as your official email address. You can sign in at and can confirm your email address in WebPortal > Personal Information > Primary Email Address

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Check both Canvas & Blackboard

There is a high probability you will have courses delivered in both Canvas and Blackboard during the campus-wide transition to Canvas. Please check both and Many faculty are still finalizing their courses and will be activating them in the system, and will be in touch with you soon.

Other Important Wellness and Safety Expectations, Resources

Facial coverings

Information about SDSU’s facial covering requirement is online. Anyone on campus or any campus properties must wear a facial covering at all times, with limited exceptions. This includes when you are outdoors, even if you are more than six feet from others.

Physical distancing

You must also maintain physical distancing (a minimum of six feet between you and others). And remember to frequently wash your hands and avoid crowds and gatherings. You can learn more about general prevention online.

Student COVID-19 resources

Also, SDSU maintains a student-centered page on the COVID-19 site with additional information and resources just for you.

Recognized Student Organizations, including fraternities and sororities, are expected to uphold the guidance provided by San Diego State University, in conjunction with public health agencies. Please find the SDSU Affiliated Organizations COVID-19 Policy for Recognized Student Organizations here.


And, as a reminder, we all share in the responsibility of making our campus safe. Be alert. Be responsible. Stay aware of potential safety issues. For general safety, visit the University Police Department website to learn about ways to stay safe and be responsible. Also, view the SDSU COVID-19 site for timely updates and resources.

Academic Resources, Tools

We want you to be on track and stay on track. Do the following:

As noted above, as you may have courses delivered in both Canvas and Blackboard, check both.

Please ensure you are using the correct SDSUid account. If you are a student employee, you have two SDSUids — one for each role. Any credit-bearing course you are enrolled in will be listed in your student SDSUid account, and any course you are teaching will be listed in your employee SDSUid account.

Visit the SDSU WebPortal to view your class schedule for more information and locations.

For those with waitlisted courses, remember to monitor the course status via your SDSU WebPortal. Your ranking on a course section wait list can change at any time. Also, be sure to remove any course sections on your wait list that you do not intend to enroll in. Visit the Wait List website for more information.

If you have any questions about fall class registration including the wait list, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 619-594-6871 or by emailing [email protected].

Important Notices and Deadlines

You should have received notice that, in accordance with a policy passed by the University Senate, all official communications from SDSU will be sent to your official SDSU email address. As noted above, check your SDSU email daily to ensure you are receiving important university communication. Learn more about the Student Official Email Address Use Policy online. Communication is even more critical during the pandemic, so please be sure to regularly view campus communications.

Also, parking permits are enforced at all times. If you have not done so already, purchase your parking permit online using the Aztec Parking Portal.

Lastly, take a moment to mark your calendar with the schedule adjustment deadline, which is Monday, September 4, at 7:59 p.m. Check the SDSU WebPortal to make sure you are enrolled in the correct courses prior to this date. You are not allowed to make any changes to your class schedule after that date.

Also, September 4 is the last day to apply for December 2020 graduation (not the May or August 2020 graduation). If you are graduating, visit the Apply to Graduate web page for information on how to apply.




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Actions to take before coming to campus for the fall semester

illustration of girl with mask onKNOW THE REQUIREMENTS

Understand how you can help keep yourself healthy and safe. 

illustration of male student in green hoodie wearing black maskREAD THE POLICY

Understand the SDSU COVID Policy and how non-compliance will be addressed.

ILLUStration of male student in green sweater wearing maskMAKE THE COMMITMENT

Sign the SDSU Health Commitment. Pledge to Protect Yourself, Protect Others, and Protect Your Community.

illustration of girl student weating skirt holding book and wearing maskCOMPLETE THE TRAINING

Learn about more about COVID-19 and SDSU expectations.


Know how to report positive COVID-19 cases!

Download a PDF of this flier.