In-Person Instruction and Research Clearance  


SDSU now requires that all on-campus student residents with a Housing License Agreement with the university and those taking in-person classes are required to get COVID-19 tested. The course list of in-person classes is on the Registrar’s site.

Student Health Services continues to offer cost-free testing for all students and, in partnership with San Diego County, has expanded the availability of testing on campus.

Please check your SDSU email account frequently, as testing information is being shared with student residents and those taking in-person classes.

If you have questions, email our team at [email protected].  You can also connect with us via our Virtual Front Desk during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30-4:30.)

You will see either a green indicator in the upper right hand of your WebPortal that states "Cleared for Summer 2021 on campus class and approved activities" or a red indicator that states "Not cleared for Summer 2021 on campus class and approved activities"

Those who have a green or Cleared indicator may attend in person instruction.

Those students with a red or Not Cleared status must not attend in person instruction.

Webportal clearance status

If you have questions regarding your current In-Person Instruction Clearance status, please contact [email protected]  Please provide your RED ID and the details of your concerns.

If you are a student enrolled in a Summer 2021 course that is returning to in-person instruction:

You MUST NOT attend class while your clearance status is Not Cleared.

If you have not completed your testing in your required timeframe, please get tested as soon as possible and submit your test results in order to return to a Cleared status. 

If you have questions regarding your status, email [email protected]


If you are not enrolled in any in-person courses for Summer 2021, you should not be on campus unless you have been approved to do so (e.g. students living in residence halls, those with jobs on campus, etc.).  There is nothing further you need to do.

Please upload your testing documentation to HealtheConnect.  Please allow one to two business days for review.
Your status will typically be updated within two business days after your test results are submitted through HealtheConnect.  If your test was administered in Student Health Services, you do not need to provide documentation of your results.
More information on SDSU's Surveillance Testing is available here.

If students have a special circumstance and will not be coming to campus for their course they should email [email protected] 

The COVID team will verify the information with the instructor.

If confirmation is provided, the COVID will send an email to the student, providing additional info.

If the instructor does not confirm, the student will be asked to test as scheduled. 

As a note, students who are not testing will still show up as not cleared (red x) in WebPortal as they have not been tested.