Experience SDSU Podcast

Podcast Ep 3

Speakers: Sisilen Simo, Hannah Marquez, and Taylor Bantle.

Intro - Erik G.:
You're listening to the Experience SDSU podcast created by students for students here at San Diego State.

Taylor [00:00:02] Welcome.

Taylor [00:00:03] Back.

Sisi [00:00:09] No, guys, seriously. Welcome back to another episode of your Experience SDSU podcast. It is your hostess with the mostest Sisilen Simo. And we are joined again.

Taylor [00:00:21] By Taylor Jones. I missed you Sisi!

Sisi [00:00:24] The OG! We missed you so much here on our last episode.

Taylor [00:00:29] But shout out to Taylor for holding it down.

Sisi [00:00:31] Shoutout to Taylor Bantle for holding it down another Taylor. We just replaced the last name.

Taylor [00:00:35] Yeah.

Sisi [00:00:36] But it's good to have you back and I'm excited to just talk to you and have fun on today's episode. I feel content is really fun, really upbeat and you know, just a change from what we've been talking about. So I'm excited.

Taylor [00:00:50] Yeah, some lighthearted stuff to ease us into finals season. And, you know, wrapping up this semester, we're going to get into some fun fact or fiction X-Files style stuff today. So I hope that if you're listening, you are quote unquote, playing along because we've got some fun, interactive stuff. And I want you all to weigh in.

Sisi [00:01:11] Exactly. I want to know your opinions. If you agree with me, you agree with Taylor. If you disagree with us or agree with us.

Taylor [00:01:20] If you have some some theories and whatnot that you want to share. So for us to receive all your feedback, make sure you're following us on Instagram at ExperienceSDSU and we're going to have some interactive stories going up when this episode drops. And then, yeah, leave all your feedback and comments in the post because I feel like this episode is going to spark a lot of conversation. So let's get into it.

Sisi [00:01:43] Let's get into it with some fact or fiction. And I kind of want to start off with something. I feel like we all kind of know the Mandela effect. Does that ring any bells?

Taylor [00:01:55] Yeah, I do love the Mandela effect. So. So you're familiar with the Mandela effect?

Sisi [00:02:00] I am. But just in case our listeners are not, would you do us the honor of explaining what the Mandela effect is?

Taylor [00:02:06] Of course. So the Mandela effect, it's a term coined by Fiona Bloom in 2009 when she kind of realized that there's this weird phenomenon where large groups of people like whole heartedly believe that an event occurred and it did not. So as you can probably guess, the Mandela effect is named after Nelson Mandela because a lot of people thought that he passed away in the late 1980s when he was in prison, but he actually didn't pass away until December 5th, 2013. So but so many people truly, truly thought that it happened in 1980. So that's kind of where this where this term came from. And there are a lot of other really big examples of the Mandela effect that you probably just didn't know were part of the Mandela effect. So we're going to go through some of those.

Sisi [00:02:58] And that's so interesting to me because like South Africa had a whole I mean, World Cup, FIFA World Cup, and he was there. So as just kind of like, how did you all think my man's was dead when he fully made an appearance at the opening ceremony?

Taylor [00:03:13] It also kind of just begs the question, like, is Mandela affect only an American thing? Because to your point, like, did the people in South Africa think that Nelson Mandela had passed away?

Sisi [00:03:21] Exactly right.

Taylor [00:03:22] You know what I mean? Like, maybe it's just because Americans are so closed off to what's going on with the rest of the world.

Sisi [00:03:26] That's actually food for thought.

Sisi [00:03:28] I had never thought of that.

Taylor [00:03:29] Yeah, I'm interested. I'm interested. But we're going to go through these examples and and let us know or if you're listening, just see if you if you agree or disagree with with any of these. So you want to get started with the first one?

Sisi [00:03:46] Yeah. Okay. So was it Bernstain Bears or Bernstein bears.

Taylor [00:03:51] The difference being stain, like s-t-a-i-n or like stein like.

Sisi [00:03:56] Stein

Taylor [00:03:56] Yeah. s-t-e-i-n

Sisi [00:03:57] The spelling.

Taylor [00:03:58] I always remember it being like the Bernstein bears, e-i-n.

Sisi [00:04:02] Of me too. So this little stain situation, I don't know where it came from.

Taylor [00:04:09] I don't know where that came from. I don't even know who brought that up. That that's.

Sisi [00:04:12] But like that's such an interesting thing with spelling because it's the same thing with Chick fil A, c-h-i-c.

Taylor [00:04:20] The word chick.

Sisi [00:04:20] No. Did I just spell that wrong?

Taylor [00:04:21] No you spelled dit right.

Taylor [00:04:22] c-h-i-c or c-h-i-c-k

Sisi [00:04:26] I thought it was k.

Taylor [00:04:28] I thought it was just c.

Sisi [00:04:29] I never thought is it is it C or k now though? Do we know?

Taylor [00:04:34] Let's see.

Sisi [00:04:35] Let's see.

Taylor [00:04:36] Let's look it up. But I'm sure it's just Chic fil A.

Sisi [00:04:38] Let's take a.

Taylor [00:04:39] Chick-Fil-A with a K.

Sisi [00:04:40] Okay.

Taylor [00:04:42] Which means because of chicken. But I don't know. I feel like Chic fil A is just a cute little like Chic fil A. Like c-h-i-c.

Sisi [00:04:48] I just want to note also before we started, Taylor was so sure that it was the c.

Taylor [00:04:53] I was sure. I was because

Sisi [00:04:54] She was so sure.

Taylor [00:04:55] I just going off the vibes. It feels like Chic fil A, like a cute little look at chick. Like, we don't need to add the K on that.

Sisi [00:05:01] The k is a little aggressive.

Taylor [00:05:02] Yeah! It's a little formal. It's a little formal we're just going to Chick-Fil-A.

Sisi [00:05:07] Okay, so. Mirror, mirror or magic mirror?

Taylor [00:05:12] Oh, we're talking about Disney. We're talking about the classic mirror mirror on the wall.

Sisi [00:05:16] Like. Okay, right. It's mirror, mirror.

Taylor [00:05:18] It's mirror mirror on the wall. She says that

Sisi [00:05:19] Where is this magic mirror coming from?

Taylor [00:05:21] I don't know.

Sisi [00:05:22] I feel like it's hard to mix up mirror and magic.

Taylor [00:05:25] Magic mirror sounds so different than mirror mirror. How did we all think that it was mirror mirror on the wall? By the way, apparently.

Sisi [00:05:31] What's the real one?

Taylor [00:05:33] Apparently the correct. Apparently the correct like way it was said is magic mirror. So what we should have done is had the correct answers on this document.

Sisi [00:05:45] But, you know.

Taylor [00:05:45] What we should have done is have the correct answers on this document.

Sisi [00:05:47] But that's the thing is like, you know what, this is about our opinion. This is about us.

Taylor [00:05:51] I mean, exactly. That's the whole thing about the Mandela effect is that like a mass group of people believe that it's one way. I believe it's mirror mirror.

Sisi [00:05:59] I believe it's mirror mirror, too. But if you're saying that it's magic mirror and the people of Disney have come out and said, hey, guys, let's clear the air. It is indeed magic mirror. We can't help but have to agree with that. I mean, they did create it.

Taylor [00:06:15] Ah, yeah, I'm looking it up. It says Magic Mirror.

Sisi [00:06:18] That's insane.

Taylor [00:06:19] Magic mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest one of all?

Sisi [00:06:21] Okay, wait. That's the same thing, though, with, like, Luke, I am your father. Or life is like a box of chocolates.

Taylor [00:06:28] Are those not the quotes?

Sisi [00:06:30] People think that life is like a box of chocolates is like life was like a box of chocolates.

Taylor [00:06:36] Hmm. I don't know. I'm also not a Star Wars girl. Is it Luke, I am your father?

Sisi [00:06:43] I mean, I'm not the biggest Star Wars person either, but I've always...Hold on let me get back into my zone and try to do the voice and let me see.

Taylor [00:06:53] Oh, because he doesn't say Luke I am your father.

Sisi [00:06:57] I am your father.

Taylor [00:06:58] No, I am your.

Sisi [00:06:59] See.

Taylor [00:07:00] He doesn't say "Luke" he says "no" but everyone thinks that it's "Luke I am your father"

Sisi [00:07:04] Come on now.

Taylor [00:07:07] I don't care. It's still "Luke I am your father" as far as I'm concerned.

Sisi [00:07:10] And see that's the thing.

Taylor [00:07:12] As far as i'm concerned.

Sisi [00:07:13] As far as I'm concerned, the monopoly man.

Taylor [00:07:16] It's the Bernstein Bears. Oh, yeah. Let's get into the monopoly man.

Sisi [00:07:17] That one is interesting.

Taylor [00:07:18] Let's get into the monopoly, man. Does he or does he not have a monocle?

Sisi [00:07:23] When did he never have a monocle?.

Taylor [00:07:24] Let me tell you something right now. I would put so much money down to say that he had a monocle.

Sisi [00:07:32] Listen to me. There is no time in my existence on God's green earth that Uncle Rich Pennybags or Rich Uncle Pennybags. That's his name. Rich Uncle Pennybags. He always had the monocle. He needed the monocle to count his money bags.

Taylor [00:07:52] He's a finance man.

Taylor [00:07:53] He needed a closer look at the money.

Sisi [00:07:55] At the coins! He definitely had the monocle. And if you don't think that he had the monocle, honestly, I mean.

Taylor [00:08:05] Did we all make that up?

Sisi [00:08:06] Did we just make it up?

Taylor [00:08:08] How did we all make up that he had a monocle?

Sisi [00:08:09] And you know what? I'm glad you said that, because that brings us into our next topic of alternate realities.

Taylor [00:08:19] Oh.

Sisi [00:08:22] But no. Did Rich Uncle - how do you say his name - Uncle Rich Pennybags? Did he have a monocle in another reality? In a different reality than the one that we're living in right now? And is that why we remember that?

Taylor [00:08:37] Sisi I didn't know we were about to take it there. This is all getting very meta. No, this is all getting very meta, you know. Are you suggesting that there's a certain population of people that are in one reality where he had the monocle and another and another set of people who are in a different reality where he didn't?

Sisi [00:08:56] I'm suggesting that maybe some people were exposed to that, actually. Yeah, you're right. I am suggesting that.

Taylor [00:09:03] Yeah. Like we're just all in different on different wavelengths, on different channels.

Sisi [00:09:06] Yeah.

Sisi [00:09:06] Like we might all be here physically in this reality, but mentally, are we all here in the same reality?

Taylor [00:09:11] Exactly. Like in my reality, he always had a monocle.

Sisi [00:09:13] Exactly. But in their reality he did not. He had no impaired vision.

Taylor [00:09:20] Listen, I think you might be on to something.

Sisi [00:09:23] And, you know what?

Taylor [00:09:24] I think we might be on different we might be on different frequencies.

Sisi [00:09:27] And I'm going to keep this ball rolling and I'm going to explain kind of what we're talking about with alternate reality.

Taylor [00:09:34] Yeah so what is an alternate reality?

Sisi [00:09:36] So basically, this is the sitch, right?

Taylor [00:09:39] Okay let me know.

Sisi [00:09:39] The question at hand is, are we living in a simulation? Now, what that means is like, are we living in a world where, you know, it's kind of like a video game per se. Are we in control? Have things already happened to us? Like, can you when you have deja vu and you think, oh, you already been here before? I've seen this before.

Taylor [00:10:01] How do you feel about déja vu? Because I will say I deja vu stresses me out. I've been trying to shift my thinking around it to being like, okay, no, this is not scary. Like, I've lived it already. This is like me coming into alignment with stuff.

Sisi [00:10:16] Mm hmm.

Taylor [00:10:16] But before I started trying to actively think like this, déja vu's would stressed me out, because why am I so sure that I've already experienced this?

Sisi [00:10:24] Honestly when I was younger? Because I was so in love with That's So Raven and I was like, I'm a witch.

Taylor [00:10:29] Period. Having a whole psychic moment

Sisi [00:10:29] I was like, Oh, I can, I can. I'm psychic. Like, I was like, if I was alive in Salem, they would have burned at the stake.

Taylor [00:10:37] Oh Sisi

Sisi [00:10:38] Like, you know?

Taylor [00:10:40] They would have had me...

Sisi [00:10:40] They would have had me.

Taylor [00:10:41] ...up there in front of the whole entire town, like, look at this witch.

Sisi [00:10:45] Look at this witch! She's saying that she's lived this life before.

Taylor [00:10:49] She thinks she's been here before and done this before?

Sisi [00:10:52] Meanwhile, the person playing the game is just up there laughing. Hehehe

Taylor [00:10:55] Gotcha!

Sisi [00:11:02] No seriously! And a good reference for this is like the movie Free Guy. I don't know if you've seen Free Guy before.

Taylor [00:11:07] I have not

Sisi [00:11:08] Such a good movie. You should watch it. So funny. Ryan Reynolds is in it and there's more people, but like he's the main character and it's basically like non person characters in video games like are they real people and that's like you know what I mean? Like.

Taylor [00:11:27] Like in Wreck It Ralph.

Sisi [00:11:28] We're talking about we have a simulation like are we controlling that world whenever we go on.

Taylor [00:11:34] And then is there some are there people like that are the level bigger than us we're their video game?

Sisi [00:11:39] Mm hmm. Exactly. Exactly. And in this movie, basically, like he is a non person character in this in this, you know, in this video game and he like wakes up one day like and just starts living his life like not how he was programed to. And people who created the game they were already investigating, you know, is it possible that whenever you create an algorithm and you create these characters like they have the ability to change, like actual human people. Like actual human beings.

Taylor [00:12:10] Like to start evolving and stuff.

Sisi [00:12:11] Yeah, to start evolving and to start changing their lives based on, you know, what they're going through each day. And the girl who created the game was in the game, met this guy who was now, you know, evolving and trying to level up to, you know, be with her and he's doing all these things.

Taylor [00:12:26] Like in a scary way? Is the vibe of the movie like oh these machines are learning and they're about to be smarter than us

Sisi [00:12:30] The vibe of the movie is like quirky.

Taylor [00:12:33] Oh, so it's fun?

Sisi [00:12:33] Like, quirky, fun - it's a comedy.

Taylor [00:12:35] Okay.

Sisi [00:12:35] Yeah. So it's kind of taking a play on, like, a simulation and like, you know, are we being are we the video game? Are we being played right now?

Taylor [00:12:44] That's interesting.

Sisi [00:12:46] So yeah.

Taylor [00:12:47] It kind of gives going back to deja vu. It kind of gives, you know, that movie where it's the girl's birthday or something and she keeps waking up over and over again to re-live the same day.

Sisi [00:12:55] Is it like Debby Ryan in the movie? 16 Candles or something?

Taylor [00:12:58] That's not what I was going for. But that is another good example. I was talking about one that's a little bit more like doomsday-ish, like a whole bunch of crazy stuff keeps happening.

Sisi [00:13:06] Freaky Friday?

Taylor [00:13:07] No. Oh, it just stuff keeps happening to her every single day. She's like waking up, reliving the same day every single day.

Sisi [00:13:12] Is this Russian Doll? There's this show on Netflix. I just started it last night.

Taylor [00:13:16] No I'm talking about a movie. It's a movie and it's the girl's birthday. And she just keeps on reliving the same day every single day. That gives simulation for sure. That gives like glitch glitch in the simulation.

Sisi [00:13:29] It gives me like it reminds me of that SpongeBob episode where Squidward is just like, changing his clothes and reliving the day over and over again.

Taylor [00:13:36] Yeah, but then that kind of - I mean, I don't want to take it to like a mental health place - but that kind of gets into...that's what being depressed feels like.

Sisi [00:13:44] Mm hmm yeah.

Taylor [00:13:44] That's what that Spongebob episode gave me. Squidward is just depressed and this is what depression looks like. It's like the same day, like, monotonous over and over again, just the same thing.

Sisi [00:13:53] The doldrums, doing things over and over again.

Taylor [00:13:57] Can I explain another glitch that I think if if we're going to say that we live in a simulation. So the other day.

Sisi [00:14:03] Do you think though?

Taylor [00:14:04] That this is a simulation?

Sisi [00:14:06] Yeah.

Taylor [00:14:07] So it's funny that you brought up like the video game analogy because, you know, I'm like very spiritual, very like woo woo. And I do think that like I use the video game analogy to apply to life.

Sisi [00:14:20] Mhm.

Taylor [00:14:22] And the whole idea of like leveling up and stuff like that and channel surfing and really just like reaching the right frequencies and coming into alignment and all that stuff. So I think to some extent it is a simulation. Like all of this that we're seeing and perceiving, I do think is a simulation of sorts. Maybe not in the traditional way, like, oh, there's somebody up there like, yeah, controlling all of this. And like the governments controlling the weather and pigeons aren't real like.

Sisi [00:14:52] But like that also takes me to the Matrix.

Taylor [00:14:55] Yeah, that totally gets into like, Matrix stuff too. I don't think it's like that, but I do think like on an energetic level, all of this stuff kind of is a simulation because if you just align with the right vibes, then you can kind of, like make anything happen.

Sisi [00:15:09] Exactly.

Taylor [00:15:10] But. A simulation glitch that I that I kind of experienced. So the other day I'm going to Trader Joe's and I'm in the and you know that if you follow me on Instagram, you know, I love sharing angel numbers. I see them everywhere.

Sisi [00:15:25] She does guys she does.

Taylor [00:15:27] Especially on license plates. If you don't know angel numbers are like just repeats of numbers like 333, 222 and stuff like that. So I had seen 222 on two different white SUVs on my way to Trader Joe's. On like, on their license plates. I get into the Trader Joe's parking lot Sisi and I am not exaggerating on one like on the on the left aisle, there are six white SUVs all parked next to each other. I'm like this whole entire Trader Joe's parking lot. Six white SUVs is looking like copy and paste. And half of them are Toyota's. On the other side, directly across, four more white SUVs. And I'm like, this is this is a Matrix glitch because why are all of these white SUVs just parked together? How did the stars align for this to happen? Do you know what I mean? I felt like I was at a car lot the way it was, just like copy, paste, copy, paste.

Sisi [00:16:21] Not the car lot girl.

Taylor [00:16:21] Like, you know I was like I'm about to shop for a car. Because there's all kinds of cars. What type of SUV y'all interested in? We got Toyotas, we got Hondas. It was weird and I feel like little stuff like that kind of sometimes feels like a simulation glitch.

Sisi [00:16:36] Okay.

Taylor [00:16:36] To me.

Sisi [00:16:37] My biggest one is definitely deja vu because I'm like, I've been here before.

Taylor [00:16:41] Something's happening.

Sisi [00:16:42] Something's happening, I've done this.

Taylor [00:16:43] Winds in the East

Sisi [00:16:43] Something about this is a little bit too familiar. Like I'm going to turn my head this way and that's gonna happen.

Taylor [00:16:49] It feels familiar, you know.

Sisi [00:16:50] Yeah.

Taylor [00:16:51] Because look back to back to matrixes and stuff. Personally, I don't know how controversial this is to say, but like I truly do not believe in time.

Sisi [00:17:02] Time is definitely is a construct.

Taylor [00:17:05] Time to me seriously does not exist.

Sisi [00:17:07] Honestly, the other day I was just thinking I was like, I don't know how everyone's like, we have the same 24 hours. It feels like sometimes we don't. Like time for me in a day can move so fast. Like I will blink my eyes. I'll wake up at 6 in the morning and i'll blink my eyes and it's 4 p.m. And I'm like, I don't know how I got here, like, sometimes I'll be driving too, and I'm driving and I'm like, I don't know how I just got here.

Taylor [00:17:31] Oh, that always happens when you're driving. Especially if it's like something that's muscle memory. You just end up at home and you're like, were any of those lights even green that I just drove through?

Sisi [00:17:39] Exactly. I'm like, did I run a red light? Like, you know what I mean? Like, I have no idea how I got here.

Taylor [00:17:46] I think that's common.

Taylor [00:17:45] Yeah, no time for me, it just, it doesn't make sense. I couldn't even explain to you how it truly it doesn't add up. And like, for example, with this whole daylight savings thing. Okay, so all of a sudden, we just decided that the time actually is not going to change?

Sisi [00:18:03] I want to know. This is going to be a question on the Instagram story. Do you believe time is a construct? Because that I cannot get over that, like the way time moves so differently for everybody. And people will say, oh, it's about, you know, how you prioritize your day, how you organize your day? I just feel like in some cases, there simply just are not enough hours in the day.

Taylor [00:18:28] I don't even think it's about prioritization. I think it's about setting an environment because listen 10 minutes in class is not the same. I'll even give you a bigger chunk of time. Like an hour in class is not the same as an hour...pretty much anywhere outside of class.

Sisi [00:18:45] 100%.

Taylor [00:18:46] Time moves like molasses when you are in class or at work.

Sisi [00:18:50] You're just checking the time every 5 minutes and it's only gone one minute.

Taylor [00:18:53] Yeah. And it's like. I feel like I've been here for 5 hours. I feel like I just finished my shift and actually it's only been 30 minutes on the clock.

Sisi [00:19:04] At that point, you're just like you're just like, how am I going to make it?

Taylor [00:19:07] It's not adding up. Time it truly doesn't feel real to me.

Sisi [00:19:10] You're like, push through.

Taylor [00:19:11] Money either.

Sisi [00:19:14] You know, I don't even want to get into how money is not real because I could talk about that all day. But what I do want to get into, whether or not it's real is extraterrestrials and mythic creatures.

Taylor [00:19:26] Uh-oh.

Sisi [00:19:26] Like, I'm going to go I'm going to go hot off the back. Loch Ness Monster. Fact or fiction?

Taylor [00:19:32] I believe it. And let me tell you why I believe in the Loch Ness Monster. There are few monsters that I am immediately like. Yes. They existed. They were real. They're out there. And that applies - I will immediately - you could tell me a story about pretty much any sea creature.

Sisi [00:19:49] And I believe you.

Taylor [00:19:50] And I will believe you because the ocean? We don't know about her.

Sisi [00:19:54] We know, like 1%.

Taylor [00:19:55] We don't know about the ocean. So you could tell me anything about any ocean creature or any water creature, and I'll probably believe you because I don't know what's going on in the depths.

Sisi [00:20:06] I still fully believe that, like, everyone's, like, all Meglaodon is extinct.

Taylor [00:20:11] No, she out there.

Sisi [00:20:12] Because this is the thing. And this is such a far reach. And like, I just want everybody who's listening to know that this is just me, like, reaching right now.

Taylor [00:20:21] Okay, hold on let me stretch chile. Where are we about to go? Let me stretch my arms.

Sisi [00:20:22] This is such a reach. but okay, you know the movie Pacific Rim.

Taylor [00:20:30] Okay.

Sisi [00:20:30] And you know how like the Kaiju's, they come out of like this other layer, like this whole new ecosystem below whatever layer we know of the ocean.

Taylor [00:20:39] Like below sea level?

Sisi [00:20:39] Yeah.

Sisi [00:20:40] I fully believe that. They're like, maybe not Kaiju's, but I feel like there is a layer of the ocean beneath because we don't even know how honestly how deep the ocean is. We haven't discovered all that's down there. They have an export that's down there and there could be a whole new ecosystem with different water temperature, different bacteria, different all these things to where animals that we thought were extinct maybe could have gone and survive down there and are still down there. Because you think about it like there are all these weird animals that wash up on the shores, like in Asia and India and all these places. And it's like, okay, where are these animals coming from? We had no idea they existed. And even though we know that the majority of the surface of the ocean, the part that we haven't discovered is deeper.

Taylor [00:21:34] That's what I'm saying. The ocean is tricky. You could tell me anything about any ocean creature, and I'll believe that they're just somewhere that we have not been able to explore yet.

Sisi [00:21:43] And the fact that the icecaps are melting, new bacteria is coming off of them.

Taylor [00:21:48] Uh-oh new creatures unlocked.

Sisi [00:21:49] New creatures are being unlocked. Like when that new bacteria now comes and meets with what we already have in the ocean, or if animals ingest that? Darwinism, survival of the fittest. Like you don't know what is happening in this ocean.

Taylor [00:22:04] Girl listen.

Sisi [00:22:04] And people are like oh global warming, pish posh. No.

Taylor [00:22:09] Let's get into probably one of the most popular topics when it comes to just kooky, spooky things.

Sisi [00:22:15] Kooky spooky.

Taylor [00:22:15] UFOs. Now, I want to ask you.

Sisi [00:22:21] Don't ask me don't ask.

Taylor [00:22:23] I'm gonna ask you. Have you ever had any UFO sightings or encounters that you would like to share with the people?

Sisi [00:22:32] No. Oh, no.

Taylor [00:22:35] I might have just triggered, Sisi y'all. If you could see her in here. I'm sorry, friend.

Sisi [00:22:40] No, I'm not triggered, but just for the sake of the episode. I have not come in contact with any extraterrestrials.

Taylor [00:22:50] Tomato, tomato, tomato. I'm throwing tomatoes. We're getting into the spookiness. Okay she's about to share her story people.

Sisi [00:22:57] Okay. So basically.

Taylor [00:23:00] No, how do you go from no I couldn't I couldn't possibly to so here's what had happened.

Sisi [00:23:04] Okay. So what happened was.

Taylor [00:23:05] It was March 9th.

Sisi [00:23:08] On a cold, brisk evening.

Taylor [00:23:09] Hello!

Sisi [00:23:09] No, I've actually thought that I've seen UFOs though. Like, maybe not UFOs like that are like flying or something, but I remember, like, seeing things in the sky that's like that's weird. That shouldn't be there. Like, circular with the beams from it. I've definitely seen a crop thing? What's that thing called?

Taylor [00:23:31] A crop circle?

Sisi [00:23:33] A crop circle. Yes. I have seen a crop circle. I don't know if it was man made. I don't know if it was for a festival or something, but I have definitely seen a crop circle and it was the scariest thing in my life.

Taylor [00:23:49] Why? Why did it scare you?

Sisi [00:23:49] It's just corn. Have you seen children of the corn?

Taylor [00:23:55] No, I have not.

Sisi [00:23:55] Okay. So then if you've seen that movie, all my listeners, you will know the fear that was struck into me.

Taylor [00:24:03] I'm looking these up right now on Google

Sisi [00:24:04] Yes.

Taylor [00:24:06] These are I mean, these are manmade because they're cute little designs. But I could see how seeing something like this.

Sisi [00:24:11] And it was that kind of like the sun was going down. And I didn't know how much how much more corn we had to go before we got back to the interstate.

Taylor [00:24:21] Where were you? Where are you in Texas country?

Sisi [00:24:23] They don't got corn in Texas.

Taylor [00:24:24] Where were you then?

Sisi [00:24:25] Why am I in Iowa? First of all, how did I get here?

Taylor [00:24:28] First of all, that's the first question.

Sisi [00:24:29] How did I get here?

Taylor [00:24:29] How did you end up in Iowa, let's start there

Sisi [00:24:31] Long story. Long story. I don't have time to get into it. But, you know, yeah, I mean, I think we've definitely made contact and there are too many people in the government and who have like been in the Air Force and done fighter jets that have said that they have seen UFOs. So they've seen something irregular in the air. A UAP is what they're calling them now, I believe.

Taylor [00:24:53] Yeah. That's like the fancier more official name for them.

Sisi [00:24:56] Yeah.

Taylor [00:24:57] Listen, I think that it is silly. I think it is outright silly.

Sisi [00:25:02] That what?

Taylor [00:25:02] To believe that there are not aliens. Okay.

Sisi [00:25:06] Girl, you had me.

Taylor [00:25:08] Girl! You know, like I said, you know how woo woo I am. I think it's so funny to think that, like, it's just us. Because have you seen - first of all - can we get into the size of the universe? Like, have you seen those videos?

Sisi [00:25:20] Huge-mongous

Taylor [00:25:22] On social media where it's like, zoom out of the earth and it's like, oh our solar system and all of our planets in relation to the sun. And it's like, zoom out of that. And then it's like, oh our galaxy, we're in the Milky Way. And then it just keeps zooming out, out and out and out. You think it's just us in this entire universe? Get real.

Sisi [00:25:39] That's why I also too, I feel like what if, like, in another galaxy, it's like a replica of this, but like slightly different.

Taylor [00:25:47] That's why I say, you know, people are always talking about manifestation and I'm trying to tell the girls it's about alignment. Like you're already in a different reality, you're in a different frequency, whatever you want to say and a different level of the video game, whatever. You're already there living your life like that, you just have to align to like jump to that, to that channel, you know what I'm saying? Yeah.

Sisi [00:26:07] Jump to that channel, girl. Jump. And speaking of jumping. Bigfoot?

Taylor [00:26:12] Listen.

Sisi [00:26:16] Fact or fiction? Because this is thing.

Taylor [00:26:18] I know I said I'll believe any sea creature and I stand by that. But like a Bigfoot, I don't know if I believe in bigfoot.

Sisi [00:26:25] I have so many reservations because it's like, how have y'all not caught him yet?

Taylor [00:26:28] That's the thing I'm saying. Like, okay, the ocean is very believable to to think that there are things that have gone undiscovered because the ocean is vast and we can't even get all the way down there. It's too dark. But Bigfoot? You're telling me...

Sisi [00:26:44] Get real.

Taylor [00:26:45] You're telling me Bigfoot has been evading y'all in the woods, like in some cave somewhere or what?

Sisi [00:26:50] Like, it's, first of all, in the woods. Like. Which woods?

Taylor [00:26:55] Which woods does Bigfoot run through?

Sisi [00:26:57] Like come on. The Appalachian Mountains or something like.

Taylor [00:27:00] And I just think as as passionate as people have been about trying to find Bigfoot and he/she/they has not been spotted yet. It's giving unreal.

Sisi [00:27:12] And you know what's crazy is, like, it's kind of crazy because of recent times we haven't heard that much about Bigfoot. So I'm. I'm maybe thinking maybe they did they catch him?

Taylor [00:27:24] But you know what I feel like you saying that is making me think like I feel like or maybe now little conspiracy theories or mystical creatures and stuff - maybe it's just like a different genre, I guess I'll say. But I feel like we don't hear anything about any of those, like the Loch Ness Monster.

Sisi [00:27:40] Yeah, very true.

Taylor [00:27:41] Like that type of stuff kind of faded away with our generation, I would say. Younger kids, do they know about Bigfoot?

Sisi [00:27:48] But this is the thing though, and it's kind of sad, but I think the reason why, like, these things have faded away from being a topic of discussion is because we have more pressing matters to be thinking about.

Taylor [00:28:01] There's no time to have fun with Bigfoot.

Sisi [00:28:03] There could be a war tomorrow.

Taylor [00:28:04] There's no time for Loch Ness Monster kikis.

Sisi [00:28:05] There's no time to talk about the Mothman or a giant squid.

Taylor [00:28:10] Like we're really at war in a pandemic.

Sisi [00:28:13] It's like, okay, so what if E.T. is real? Is he going to come take away the pandemic? All right. Moving on.

Taylor [00:28:20] Wow, maybe the world is just a little bit too heavy for the lightness of mystical creatures and stuff.

Sisi [00:28:26] I know. I think I still hold on to this, like, conspiracy, quote unquote, conspiracy, extraterrestrial mirror, mythical creature type of vibe because I want something to believe in that isn't, like, scary.

Taylor [00:28:43] This stuff is fun!

Sisi [00:28:45] It's not too serious.

Taylor [00:28:45] Thinking about aliens and thinking about if there's a completely different version of, like, our lives going on in some other dimension or whatever, that's fun. And you know what I just thought of? The Truman Show. Have you seen that?

Sisi [00:28:56] Yes. Such a good movie.

Taylor [00:28:58] I love I love The Truman Show. But I feel like when people think about, like, this being a simulation, I think that's like a great example of what people imagine. All of this is pretty much like we're on a movie set. So all of this stuff has been really fun to talk about, you know, like all the UFOs and all these conspiracy theories and whatnot. But I will say this conversation kind of came up. Well, you. You got the idea for this conversation - I don't know where. But when we started kind of like developing this podcast episode, a lot of the stuff that we're talking about aligns with the class that I'm actually enrolled in right now, which is supernatural. It's an anthropology class. Mm hmm. Um, the little class code is REL 424. It's an introduction to the supernatural anthropology. So it's about supernatural references and cross cultural perspectives. So if you want a class or you get to talk about. If you want a class where get to talk about cool stuff like what we're talking about in this episode, I would suggest looking into this anthropology class. REL 424 again is the name is the class code for it. But yeah. Did you even know you could take classes like this?

Sisi [00:30:22] I had no idea.

Taylor [00:30:23] Every time I tell people that, every time I explain the class to people, they are shocked.

Sisi [00:30:27] If I would have known, I definitely would have been in the class 100% because I'm having quite literally the time of my life on here and just speaking about this. And, you know, to end things off, honestly, I just want to say it was really nice to come on here and just have a nice lighthearted conversation and just talk about things that, you know, we're interested in that may be a little bit taboo, but at the end of the day, you know, none of what we said here has to do with the university's views. It's just based on, you know, us having lighthearted banter between friends.

Taylor [00:31:02] Yeah we're just having fun.

Sisi [00:31:02] And it's just I feel like, important for us to talk about things that aren't so serious all the time. And remember that although there's all this strife and things going on in our life right now that we can take a step back and create our own realities.

Taylor [00:31:22] Oh, that was a beautiful wrap up Sisi. I feel like.

Sisi [00:31:27] Whoop whoop!

Taylor [00:31:28] I don't even feel like there's anything I could add to that. Just I want to say thank you all for tuning into this episode. And again, make sure you are following us on Instagram at Experience, SDSU. We are going to have stories for you all to vote in about the Mandela fact. We're going to be asking you all questions about some of these mystical creatures and theories that we've been talking about and we want to hear back from you. Me and Sisi will definitely interact with y'all if you make some noise on the Instagram. So again, thank you for tuning into this episode of the Experience SDSU podcast and we will catch y'all next month.

Sisi [00:32:06] Bye bye.

Taylor [00:32:06] Bye.

Taylor [00:32:09] Ooh.