Eligibility Requirements: GPA, Units, Enrollment

Cumulative GPA

Q: How is my overall cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) calculated?

A: The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships uses your "cumulative GPA" as calculated by the Office of the Registrar when determining your eligibility for scholarships that have a minimum GPA requirement. You must have an overall cumulative GPA that meets or exceeds the specified minimum GPA at each of 3 points in the scholarship process to be eligible for the scholarship:

  1. When your application is released to the scholarship committee for review
  2. When the scholarship committee recommends you for a scholarship award, and
  3. When the scholarship funds are disbursed

If your overall cumulative GPA is less than the minimum required by the scholarship at any one of those points, you are ineligible for the scholarship award and it will be canceled.

Units and enrollment

Q: How many units are considered full-time enrollment?

A: The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships applies the university's policy of enrollment standards which states:

  • Full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is a minimum of 12 units of coursework.
  • Full-time enrollment for graduate students is a minimum of 9 units of coursework numbered 500 through 999.
  • Enrollment in Thesis 799A is considered full-time for master's degree candidates.
  • Enrollment in Thesis Extension 799B or Comprehensive Examination Extension 799C is considered half-time for master's degree candidates.
  • Enrollment in Doctoral Research 897, Doctoral Dissertation 899, or Clinical Internship (Psychology 894) is considered full-time.

If you are awarded a scholarship that requires full-time enrollment, you must be enrolled in the minimum number of required units for your class level to receive the scholarship funds. If you are enrolled in fewer units than the scholarship requires at census, the scholarship award will be canceled, and you will be billed for any scholarship funds already disbursed to you.

If you are a joint doctoral student at SDSU who has been awarded an SDSU scholarship but are attending another institution for one or more semesters, you should submit a Joint Doctoral Program Enrollment Verification to let us know you are enrolled at another school. Please email us at [email protected] to request the form.

Q: How do I request verification of enrollment for an outside scholarship?

A: If you receive an outside scholarship and your donor requires official proof of enrollment, you may obtain verification through your my.SDSU portal  or contact the Office of the Registrar at 619-594-6871.