Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs enable you to attend a university in another country for one semester and, for some programs, an entire academic year.

In most cases, SDSU has a cooperative agreement with the university abroad ensuring that the classes you take are transferable to your SDSU permanent academic record. You maintain enrollment status at SDSU while attending a college outside the United States.

Most of the programs require that you pay SDSU full-time basic tuition and fees for each semester abroad.

SDSU-approved programs: eligibility for financial aid

You may receive financial aid for SDSU-approved study abroad programs.

Funding is limited in duration

Financial aid for most study abroad programs is limited to:

  • An undergraduate student not having attended more than 2 semesters abroad.
  • A graduate student not having attended more than 1 semester abroad in a graduate course of study.

SDSU Scholarships

Find out about SDSU scholarships that are available when you are studying abroad.

Learn about:

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