Information for Parents

Welcome to the parents' section of SDSU's Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

Find information about:

  • Parent Plus Loan: A loan designed for you, the parent, that provides you with funds to help your student meet his or her educational goal, at favorable repayment terms and a fixed interest rate.
  • If you funded a ScholarShare (529 California College Savings Plan) account for your student, find out how to withdraw funds.
  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is a calculation of how much students and their family can afford to pay, out of pocket, for educational expenses.
  • Learn about cost of attendance and housing costs for SDSU students.
  • You must provide information on the FAFSA if your student answered "No" to all of the student status questions in the "Dependency Determination" section of the FAFSA. Parent information is required even if your student does not live with or receive any financial support from you.
  • FAFSA verification: You and/or your student may be asked to submit documentation or clarification of information you provided on your FAFSA.

Have you moved?

If you have moved since requesting a Parent PLUS Loan, use the Parent Change of Address form to notify us of your new address.

SDSU values parents

We value parents as partners in the education of students. The better informed you are about SDSU, the better resource you can be for your student.

To find an SDSU Parent Hotline, Parent Handbook, information about student safety, News for Aztec Parents, and much more, visit the Student Affairs Parent Resources and Information page.