Financial Aid Procedures for Students in Certain Categories

For students in certain categories, some financial aid procedures may vary. For instance, if you plan on attending SDSU summer session or participate in an SDSU approved study abroad program, you may need to follow special instructions to apply for and receive aid.

Credential Programs

Learn about financial aid that is available for education and other credential students.

Foster Youth

Learn about the financial aid application process for former foster youth, including SDSU’s Guardian Scholars Program.

Non-Traditional Enrollment Programs

Learn about concurrent enrollment, joint doctoral programs, certificate programs, visitor program, and other non-traditional programs including courses that are conducted off campus or online.

Summer Aid

Learn about your eligibility for summer aid, how summer aid affects your eligibility in other semesters, your summer tuition and fees, postponing payment, and more.

Study Abroad

Learn how to apply for financial aid for study abroad, extra costs involved, and disbursement of funds.


Learn about applying for aid and tuition assistance, reporting your income and benefits (FAFSA and IRS), benefits to your dependents, scholarships, and education loan deferment for active military service.