Credential Programs

Financial aid is available for students pursuing teaching credentials.

  • Consult with your departmental advisers for program requirements and to determine your eligibility for admission.
  • Your specific admission status to the credential program determines the aid programs you may be able to receive.
  • The College of Education has information on credentials offered by SDSU.

Teaching credentials

Students who are conditionally or fully admitted to a teaching credential program and enrolled at least half time (6 units or more per term) may be eligible for

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has additional information on Financial Resources for Teacher Candidates.

How ITEP programs affect postbaccalaureate student eligibility for federal Pell and TEACH Grants

Students enrolled in a postbaccalaureate teaching credential program cannot receive federal Pell Grants and federal TEACH Grants if a school has an undergraduate Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) program for the same credential. (Students in ITEP programs enroll in coursework to earn their first bachelors degree and complete the required coursework for a teaching credential concurrently).

Current SDSU ITEP programs include coursework for the following teaching credentials:

  • Special Education Credential, Early Childhood Specialization
  • Multiple Subject Credential
  • Bilingual Multiple Subject Credential
  • Special Education Credential, Mild/Moderate Support Needs Specialization
  • Special Education Credential, Extensive Support Needs Specialization
  • Single Subject Mathematics 
  • Single Subject Chemistry
  • Single Subject Social Science

Students enrolled in these postbaccalaureate teaching credential programs are not eligible for federal Pell and TEACH Grants. However, students may still be eligible for all other types of financial aid including State University Grant (SUG), Cal Grants, California Middle Class Scholarship, Golden State Teacher Grants, and federal Direct Loans.

Administrative Services or Pupil Personnel Services credentials (non-teaching credentials)

Students enrolled only in coursework to obtain an Administrative Services or Pupil Personnel Services credential from the State of California are not eligible to receive Federal Direct Loans, CSU financial aid including State University Grant (SUG), and State of California financial aid such as Cal Grants and Middle Class Scholarship. 

If you are enrolled in one of these programs and require financial assistance, you may be able to borrow private/alternative educational loans. Private/alternative loans are non-federal loans, made by a lender such as a bank, credit union, or other non-governmental entity. Applying for these loans typically requires a credit check and possibly a co-signer. SDSU does not maintain a preferred lender list and does not recommend specific lenders. When shopping for alternative loans, be sure to compare interest rates, repayment terms, and other key loan provisions.

Students in an eligible Pupil Personnel Services credential program may be considered for the Golden State Teacher Grant Program, which can award up to $20,000 through the California Student Aid Commission. Specific program eligibility information can be found on the Golden State Teacher Grant Program website

Loan cancellation and deferment options for credential students