Certification Period

The Certification Period is the time during which you may work and receive Federal Work Study (FWS) funds. There are 2 certification periods: Academic year and summer.

Academic year certification period (fall and spring semesters)

The academic year period begins the week before fall semester classes and ends May 31.

  • You may start working:
    • When the Center for Human Resources notifies the Division Coordinator that you are certified to work, and
    • When your supervisor contacts you to begin work
  • You must stop working:
    • When you reach your Earnings Limit
    • When your supervisor has used up the department's FWS allocation
    • If you have a financial aid hold (check AidLink)
    • If you are graduating, you must stop working on the last day of classes for the semester
    • If you are not graduating, you must stop working on the last day of the pay period. Check the payroll calendar for the last day of the pay period.  

Summer certification period

The summer period begins June 1 and ends August 29th.

Track your work study

You can be awarded FWS for the academic year and/or summer.

  • Keep track of your Earnings Limit and the hours you work.

Unearned fall amounts

If you do not earn up to your full Earnings Limit during the fall semester, you can use unearned amounts in the spring — but you cannot carry them over to the summer period.