Definition of a Division Coordinator

Learn about the responsibilities of a division coordinator and who generally assumes this role.

The term "division coordinator" refers to the contact person in a division or agency who is responsible for coordinating information between the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Center for Human Resources, department supervisors, and student employees. The division coordinator is responsible for:

  • Posting, updating, and removing job postings
  • Tracking all students hired in the division
  • Monitoring student earnings throughout the division
  • Forwarding information regarding Federal Work Study (FWS) policy, procedures, and eligibility to supervisors and employees

Generally, each division consists of several departments. Each department supervisor works closely with his/her FWS division coordinator to administer the FWS program in their area.

Who is the Division Coordinator?

In most cases, the person responsible for the division's budget assumes the role of the FWS division coordinator. Sometimes, a division coordinator may also assume the role of supervisor.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the FWS program coordinator at [email protected].