Payroll and Time Sheets

Learn how to download, review, and submit FWS student time sheets.

Downloading time sheets

Hours worked are recorded on a standardized time sheet for each payroll period.
(Download the MS Excel time sheet).  Documents in Excel format (XLS) require Microsoft Viewer, download excel.

Download the Federal Work Study Signature Authorization form if your division has a new student employee supervisor who will be signing time sheets.

Reviewing time sheets

Incomplete or inaccurate time sheets may result in a late paycheck for the student. Review the timesheet before submitting.

How to review the time sheet
Item to check Check for
Employee Information
  • Name
  • Red ID Number
  • Student Signature
Employer Data
  • Division Number
  • FWS Job Number
  • Job Code
  • Supervisor and Division Coordinator Signature
Hours Recorded
  • Payroll month is correct
  • 20 or fewer hours a week during school
  • 40 or fewer hours when school not in session
  • Division coordinator's initials next to hours worked on weekends and university holidays

Submitting time sheets

Time sheets are due in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships by 3 pm on the second business day of every month. Students are paid for those hours by the middle of the following month.

  • Note: if you are having trouble submitting your time sheets on the due date, immediately contact the FWS program coordinator at [email protected].