Resources for Monitoring

Learn about the department report and how to implement additional processes to track student earnings and departmental expenditures.

The Department Report

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships sends a Department Report to each division coordinator on a monthly basis, 2-3 weeks after a payroll is processed. The report provides detailed information regarding each FWS employee's earnings in the division.

This report contains a listing of all FWS students employed within a particular department in alphabetical order.

  • The division coordinator mails the printout to the respective department supervisors.
  • Before distributing the printout, the division coordinator should check for any differences between the totals on the report and the office record. Contact the Work Study coordinator if any discrepancy is found.
  • Students who are nearing their Earnings Limit are flagged with an alert.

The report is the most up-to-date record of the student's actual earnings and earnings limit, as well as the department’s expenditures and include any changes to a student's earnings limit due to an adjustment to his or her award.

An internal monitoring system

Since the report is only issued monthly, it should not be your only tool for monitoring student earnings. Your division and department(s) should also create and implement separate processes to ensure that students do not underutilized or exceed their available earnings. You may use the MS Excel time sheet spreadsheet to create your division/department monitoring system to track student earnings and departmental expenditures.