Work Study Pay Rate and Increases

Learn how to determine and set hourly pay rates and increase a pay rate.

Determining the Hourly Pay Rate

A student’s hourly pay rate should be based on the student’s length of employment at that particular job, prior work experience, or skills related to the position.

Guidelines for assigning Federal Work Study hourly pay rates
(from $10.50 to $17)
No experience required:
Entry-level pay
Some experience required:
Mid-level pay
Extensive experience required: Top-level pay
Degree of experience and education; special skills Previous experience, education, or specialized skills not required Job-related experience, education, or specialized skills required Extensive job-related experience, education, or skills required
 Complexity of tasks Routine tasks which require a brief training period Plans and completes detailed assignments as well as routine tasks Difficult technical tasks; coordinates / completes complex assignments; generates reports
Level of responsibility Limited responsibility where length of service does not increase level of responsibility Initiative, independent judgment; decision-making ability may be required Problem solving and decision making using considerable independent judgment may be required
Degree of immediate supervision Under direct supervision; minimal direction required once trained Requires moderate supervision Minimal supervision needed

Pay rate increases

A pay rate increase should normally occur after one year (or approximately 500 hours) of employment in the same position.

Making changes in pay rates

The student's supervisor should:

  1. Make sure that the new rate is based on the position's level of responsibility and required experience.
  2. Send an an email to you, the division coordinator, requesting a pay rate change and giving the reason for the change.

If you agree with the change, then complete section E of the original Student Employment Authorization and forward to the Work Study Coordinator in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Once we processes the pay rate increase, the Student Employment Authorization will be forwarded to the Center for Human Resources.

The completed copy of the Student Employment Authorization must be submitted by the 15th of the month to ensure that the change is effective for hours worked during that month.

No retroactive raises will be permitted.