SDSU Scholarships and Study Abroad

Q: Can I receive a SDSU scholarship while I am studying abroad?

A: Yes, If you plan to study abroad in the upcoming academic year, you are highly encouraged to apply for scholarships. There are a wide variety of study abroad scholarships available, and the SDSU Global Education Office can help you choose a study abroad program that is eligible for financial aid and scholarship consideration. You will still need to follow the same requirements and deadlines as students studying on campus.

Aztec Scholarships

Submit your general application in Aztec Scholarships during the application window. Even if you do not have firm plans yet, indicate that you plan to study abroad in the upcoming academic year on the general application. Enter the term you plan to go, and the country you plan to visit. The general application will automatically match you to study abroad scholarships for which you are eligible. If a scholarship requires additional materials, submit these in Aztec Scholarships by the deadline. Travel verification will be done both at the time the study abroad scholarship is offered and when it is time to disburse. Keep track of your scholarships within Aztec Scholarships so you don't miss any important deadlines.  

All deadlines apply

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is unable to grant extensions on deadlines if you are studying abroad. The application is open April 18, 2022, to Aug. 5, 2022. No extensions will be granted!

Thank you note

If you receive a study abroad scholarship through Aztec Scholarships, you are required to submit a thank you note in the system within 14 calendar days of award notification, or your scholarship will be cancelled. There are no extensions if you are already abroad, so be sure to check Aztec Scholarships frequently.

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Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship: All San Diego State University students are encouraged to apply for the Associated Students Study Abroad Scholarship to help defray the costs associated with their approved international experience (e.g. study abroad, internship, research, volunteer program). Applications are accepted during two distinct application periods each year, once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. Applicants must first begin the program-specific application before beginning the AS Scholarship Application in Aztecs Abroad.