When to Apply for SDSU Scholarships

When is the earliest I can I apply for an SDSU scholarship?

You can apply for an SDSU scholarship once you have your Red ID (your student identification number). You receive a Red ID number within 5 days after you complete your application for admission. Important: You must be admitted and enrolled to receive the scholarship funds.

Application cycles and deadlines

Scholarship cycles are typically from March to early August. 

SDSU Scholarship Application Deadlines
Application cycle
Application deadlines
Award period
March to August

3 pm, Pacific Time
August 5, 2022

Academic year:


Please note that deadline dates are strictly enforced, so be sure to read each scholarship's requirements carefully to determine the application deadline for that particular scholarship.

Late and incomplete submissions

All required application materials must be submitted by the deadline. Late and incomplete submissions will not be accepted. If your application is incomplete, you will be able to view the action you need to take to complete it before the deadline by checking your Aztec Scholarship portal. 

Need help?

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