Direct Deposit

SDSU uses Direct Deposit to transfer funds directly to your bank account. Direct Deposit is how financial aid disbursements that exceed University expensves (including grants, loans and scholarships) are paid to you.

  • You don’t have to wait for a check in the mail, or bring the check to the bank to cash it.
  • The money goes directly into your account (checking or savings – you choose).

Note that the money is first applied to pay for your tuition and fees, housing, etc. Then, if any funds remain, they are deposited into your account.

How do you sign up for Direct Deposit?

Sign up for Direct Deposit via the "Financial Account" tile in my.SDSU. View brief video tutorial here

How much money will appear in your account?

Important note: There won't be any funds to deposit to your bank account if you don't have enough financial aid /scholarship funds actually awarded (not estimated) to pay all of your university charges for the semester. Charges may include:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Out-of-state tuition
  • On-campus housing and meal plans

You are responsible to know and understand:

  • How much your university charges will be each semester
  • Whether or not your financial aid will cover those charges

Learn more

See Financial Aid and Scholarship Disbursement (The University Bursar's website)

How your award is disbursed

Your financial aid award money is first disbursed according to due date. Then, funds are applied in this order:

  • First to help pay basic tuition and fees
  • Then to help pay out-of-state tuition, if not a California resident
  • Then to help pay on-campus housing and meal plan charges

Remaining funds, if any, go to your designated bank account via Direct Deposit.