Conditions You Must Meet to Receive Your Funds

Before you can receive your awarded funds at the beginning of each semester, you must be enrolled in enough units to be eligible.

In addition to enrollment requirements, there are other conditions you must meet before you can receive your financial aid:

  • Enrollment – You must be enrolled at least half time to receive at least some amount. (Learn how enrollment affects aid).
  • Award – Have you provided all of the documentation requested and do you have an Award on my.SDSU?
  • Holds – Did you clear all financial aid holds? Check your my.SDSU taks.
  • Loan activation – Did you activate (request) your loan on my.SDSU? Did you sign the electronic master promissory note with the U. S. Department of Education? Did your parent request and receive credit approval for a Parent PLUS Loan? Check my.SDSU loan details.
  • Direct Deposit – Did you sign up online for Direct Deposit to have your funds automatically deposited to your designated bank account? Check your Financial Account tile in my.SDSU.
  • University charges – Will there be any funds for you after your university charges of basic tuition and fees, out-of-state tuition, and on-campus housing are paid?

How Your Award is Disbursed

Your financial aid award is disbursed:

  • First to help pay basic tuition and fees
  • Then to help pay out-of-state tuition, if not a California resident
  • Then to help pay on-campus housing and meal plan charges
  • Remaining funds, if any, are deposited to your designated bank account