How to Return Completed Forms and Documents to Us

Through your AidLink account, you will be able to submit some of the requested financial aid information online. Follow the instructions on all forms, in your email messages, and on AidLink.

Be complete and thorough

  • Answer all questions. Read each form carefully and completely so you don't miss anything
  • Make sure you include the required completed documentation with signatures
  • Sign all forms and documents
  • Make sure your RedID is on all paper documents submitted
  • Return all needed documents as quickly as possible
  • Incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible responses from you will cause a delay in when or if you receive any funds
  • Keep a copy for your records of everything you submit
  • Mail any required documents to our address (included on all of our forms)


When a signature is required on the information you submit online, you will be instructed to print and sign a Summary and Certification page. Some forms you will download, complete, sign and submit to our office.