Joint Doctoral Programs

San Diego State University offers doctoral programs jointly through agreements with other doctoral granting institutions in California. When students are approved to enroll in a designated Joint Doctoral Program (JDP), they are allowed to use the educational resources at the various campuses.

In any period of enrollment, as a JDP student you may be enrolled in courses at one institution only or at both concurrently.

Procedures for receiving aid

When you complete your FAFSA, list the federal school code of one or both institutions to receive your FAFSA data, depending on the following enrollment conditions.

If you are enrolled entirely through another institution

You must obtain financial aid from that institution. (Check with that institution for their aid application process.)

If you are enrolled only through SDSU

  • You obtain your financial aid from SDSU
  • Complete and submit a Doctoral Program Enrollment Questionnaire. It will be available on your AidLink account after we receive your FAFSA data.

If you are enrolled concurrently at both SDSU (home institution) and another campus (host institution)

You may receive financial aid from either institution, but not from both institutions during the same semester. The campus at which you are enrolled determines where you will receive financial aid.

If you choose to receive your financial aid through SDSU, you must—

  • Complete the Doctoral Program Enrollment Questionnaire that will be available through AidLink after we receive your FAFSA information.
  • Complete a Verification of Enrollment for Joint Doctoral Program Students form, if you are enrolled in less than 5 units at SDSU (home institution).
    • Note: When you are a concurrently enrolled JDP student, you must complete this form each semester that you are enrolled in fewer than 5 units at SDSU.

Eligibility and cost

The amount of financial aid for which you are eligible is based on SDSU’s standard cost of attendance or is modified to reflect the cost of attendance at the institution where you are concurrently taking courses (which may differ from one enrollment period to the next).

For other education related expenses unique to your program, complete and submit a Student’s Request for a Budget Increase form.