How Summer Aid Affects Your Eligibility in Other Semesters

Summer Aid — How it affects eligibility for fall and spring: Your financial aid eligibility for summer is made up of remaining grant and loan eligibility from the prior aid year, as there are yearly maximums for students that cannot be exceeded.


Due to Year Round Pell, you may be eligible for additional summer Pell grant. In addition, depending on fund availability and whether you are eligible, you may be eligible for additional State University Grant (SUG).

Summer Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • To participate in summer FWS, you must have been attending SDSU during the current academic year or intend to enroll in classes at SDSU the following academic year.
  • It is not necessary to attend summer school.

Important: If you are not enrolled in summer session, your summer earnings will affect the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible in the following academic year.

Use remaining loan eligibility from the current year for summer

By May 1, 2024, request any remaining loan eligibility you may have for 2023-24 and use those funds to pay your summer session tuition and fees.