Summer Aid Disbursement

Summer financial aid eligibility and activated summer loan: You must have financial aid eligibility available in summer before aid can be disbursed to help pay for your summer classes. (Keep in mind that if your summer aid eligibility includes student loans, you must activate them to receive the loan funds.)

  • Caution:  A summer fee postponement only delays your payment of summer tuition and fees. It does not mean that you will be eligible to receive summer aid.

Disbursement to help pay postponed tuition and fees begins mid-July

Financial aid, including scholarships and student loans, is disbursed by Student Account Services beginning mid-July.

  • It is your responsibility to clear holds or activate your summer loan by the deadlines.
  • You must also activate your summer loans on AidLink, even if you already activated your loans for the fall/spring terms.

All summer financial aid must be disbursed by the last day of summer classes.