Summer Enrollment and Tasks (To-Do's)

Your summer financial aid award will be based upon your specific course enrollment at the time we review your eligibility.

Adding or dropping classes

If you add or drop classes after we have reviewed your eligibility and awarded aid for your summer enrollment, we must again review your eligibility before any aid is released to you or to pay your tuition and fees.

  • If you change your schedule for any reason after we have reviewed your eligibility and awarded summer term aid, we will review your summer aid eligibility from the new enrollment information.
  • Dropping units or changing your schedule after funds have been disbursed may require that you repay some or all of the aid that was disbursed.

Tasks (To-Do's)

An incomplete task will delay the disbursement of funds and prevent you from accepting a summer loan. You should resolve any tasks as soon as possible so that you do not jeopardize receiving summer aid.

Your summer aid might be placed on hold if:

  • You are not making satisfactory academic progress after we review your spring grades
  • You are not enrolled in enough units to qualify
  • You add or drop classes after summer aid has been awarded or disbursed
  • We become aware of other financial resources that could affect your summer aid such as a fee waiver or summer scholarship