Adding/Dropping Units

Disbursement of financial aid is based upon your units at the time your aid is released. Learn more about disbursement.

If you add units after your financial aid has been disbursed

  • You may be entitled to additional funds, which will be released during the next disbursement.
  • If you have received all of your awarded funds, be prepared to pay any additional costs due to added out-of-state tuition (tuition increases for each class you add) or class lab fees, etc.

If you drop units after your financial aid has been disbursed prior to census

As an undergraduate or teaching credential student, we assume that you will enroll full time. Therefore, we do not adjust your award amount until after census. If you drop units after receiving full-time funds, you may be required to repay some or all of the funds.

If you received an overpayment:

  • Any remaining funds scheduled to be disbursed to you may be canceled or adjusted to reflect the lower amount you are now eligible to receive.
  • The University Bursar will send you an electronic billing notice for the amount you owe.

Important: Enrolling in 6.0 units or less means that you pay a lower amount for basic tuition and fees. This lower cost of attendance affects eligibility for a State University Grant and other aid, including student loans.

Dropping units after census

If you drop units after census, you may not be required to repay financial aid funds. However, because your enrollment has changed, you may not have enough units completed by the end of the academic year. This may affect your eligibility to continue receiving financial aid.