Minimum Pass Rate

Units Required: You must complete 66.67% of all units attempted, which include transfer units, test credits, and SDSU Units. If you fall below the 66.67% completion rate as of the end of the Spring term of each year, you will be deemed
ineligible for financial aid for the subsequent academic year.

Thesis and dissertation enrollment

When you enroll in thesis or dissertation, you will be considered to be enrolled half time or full time. However, you pay part-time tuition and fees if your total units are 6.0 or less, regardless of your enrollment status.

Graduate students enrolled in:

  • Thesis 799A are considered to be enrolled full time
  • Thesis 799B or 799C are considered to be enrolled half time
  • Doctoral Research 897, Doctoral Dissertation 899, or Clinical Internship (Psychology 894), are considered to be enrolled full time.

If you are experiencing personal issues or difficulties in your course work, be sure to engage with campus resources that can provide you with the support that you need to stay on track.