Learn how to schedule an FWS student interview, how to conduct the interview, and what to do after the interview.

Scheduling an interview

Students telephone the department's contact person listed on the job posting to obtain details about the open job and to schedule an interview.

During the initial telephone contact, introductory screening can be done to determine if the student:

  • Meets the minimum requirements of the position
  • Is eligible for FWS and the amount of his/her award
  • Continues to show interest in the job

If mutual interest is established, an interview should be scheduled.

Conducting the interview

  • The student must bring to the interview the Student Employment Authorization form whichs/he downloaded from AidLink or the Forms section of the website.
  • The interviewer should explain the department's expectations for the job which should be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon.

After the interview

If the interviewer determines the student is suitable and the student accepts an offer for the job, then:

  • The student and interviewer complete and sign the Student Employment Authorization form and submit it to the division coordinator for signature
  • You (the division coordinator) provide the student with an employee sign-in packet that includes a schedule of new employee sign-in sessions held at the Center for Human Resources.