The CHR Sign-in Session & OFAS Certification

Learn about the Center for Human Resources (CHR) sign-in process for newly hired FWS students, and the subsequent Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS) certification; both are necessary before a student may begin work.

After being hired, the student completes the payroll sign-in process by attending one of the new student employee sign-in sessions scheduled at the beginning of each semester (no reservation needed).

CHR sign-in session

If the student is unable to attend one of the prescheduled sessions, s/he may schedule an appointment by calling the Center for Human Resources at (619) 594-7901.

Whether attending an open session or an appointed time, the student should bring the following items to the Center for Human Resources:

  • Completed and signed Student Employment Authorization form
  • Student's original Social Security card
  • Photo identification
  • Any other documentation specific to the student, as indicated in the sign-in packet

OFAS certification

After the student has been cleared by the Center for Human Resources, s/he must—submit the completed Student Employment Authorization form to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for final certification.

The FWS coordinator will review the Student Employment Authorization form for accuracy and completeness.

  • The data from the form is entered into the FWS database.
  • The student’s name and information from the form will be entered onto a spreadsheet.
  • The FWS Certification spreadsheet will be sent daily to division coordinators for dissemination to supervisors.

When will the student be able to start work?

The student may not begin working until his/her name appears on the FWS Certification spreadsheet sent to division coordinators.