Terminating a Student's Employment

Learn about how to terminate a student’s FWS employment, and reasons for student termination.

Automatic termination occurs for every student's FWS employment at the end of the academic year, and a written notice is not required.

  •  Note: To rehire a student for the next academic year, repeat the hiring process.

If termination is before the end of the academic year:

  1. Complete the Termination section of the Student Employment Authorization Form.
  2. Submit a time sheet for any unpaid hours the student has worked.
  3. Inform the FWS program coordinator if the open position should be posted.

Reasons for student termination

A student must terminate employment:

  • When the student's Earnings Limit is reached
  • When the student withdraws from the university
  • When the department/division FWS allocation is spent
    • Note: If the student is eligible to earn more, the department may transfer the employee to the student assistant payroll and/or the student could change to a different FWS position.