Monitoring Student Earnings

Learn how to monitor and maximize students' earnings limits while not exceeding allocated amounts.

Students may earn no more than the Earnings Limit (FWS award amount) set by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Any earnings that exceed the student's FWS Earnings Limit must be paid entirely by the employer from student assistant or departmental funds.

Students and supervisors are responsible for monitoring earnings to ensure that gross earnings do not exceed the Earnings Limit. Once the limit is reached, students must stop working under FWS. However, if your department has funds to match an increase, ask the students to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to see if an increase of their FWS award is possible.

Maximizing earnings limit within budget allocation

To maximize students' Earnings Limits while not exceeding the allocated amounts, supervisors and students should plan the students' work schedules for the semester or academic year.

  • Students forfeit any amount not earned by the end of the award period (summer or academic year).
  • Any portion not earned during fall semester can be carried forward to the spring.
  • Unearned spring awards cannot be carried over to summer.

Learn about reports and resources for monitoring.