Award Adjustments

Adjustments to your financial aid award: Your initial award is based on the assumption that you will be enrolled full-time. Award amounts may be adjusted if you are enrolled less than full time or because of other changes. We'll notify you by email if there are any changes.

Adjustments to awards after census

Census is when the university verifies your actual enrollment (usually about 1 week after the add/drop deadline for the semester).

Award amounts may be adjusted if you are enrolled less than full time at census.

  • If your award is adjusted, modifications made to your award can be reviewed in my.SDSU.
  • Note: You may receive several notices, because awards can be changed throughout the year, so log on to my.SDSU regularly.

Other Adjustments

Information received from other SDSU offices, from outside agencies — and from you — may change the amount of your award. Depending upon the changes, you may be eligible for less aid than was initially awarded.

We make every effort to adjust your award before your funds are disbursed to you. However if that's not the case, you may have to repay federal, state, or institutional financial aid funds that exceed your revised eligibility.

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For more information on how your enrollment status affects your financial aid award, see Award Adjustments Based on Enrollment.