Denied Parent PLUS Loan

The parent borrower must pass a credit evaluation before the loan will be approved. If denied, the Direct Loan Servicer will notify the parent borrower and explain why the credit evaluation was denied and provide the name and address of the credit bureau that supplied the credit data.

The Financial Aid office will notify the parent via email to determine if the parent borrower wants to:

  • Appeal the credit decision with the Direct Loan Servicer, or
  • Reapply for the loan with an endorser (cosigner), or
  • Request that SDSU cancel the Parent PLUS Loan and have the student borrow additional unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loan. The additional amount depends on the student's remaining loan eligibility (there is an annual limit based on grade level) and cost of attendance.
    • Additional unsubsidized loan may be no more than $4,000 for a freshman or sophomore.
    • Additional unsubsidized loan may be no more than $5,000 for a junior or senior.

Submit form to review your options

If we receive notification that your loan is denied due to adverse credit history, we will give you access to complete the Denied Parent PLUS Loan form. This will be available via the my.SDSU "Tasks" tile.