Parent PLUS Loan: How to Apply

A Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan estimate is part of your dependent student's financial aid award. To apply, you and your student must complete the following (in this order):

1. Your student must apply for financial aid

2. The financial aid application is processed

  • The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will email your student with instructions on how to log on to AidLink and access his/her aid application and award.
  • If eligible, your dependent student's award will include a Parent PLUS Loan estimate.

Information verification may be required

    • About 30% of all aid applicants are randomly selected to submit documentation that verifies the information on the FAFSA.
    • Make sure your student checks his/her AidLink account often for messages and actions he/she may need to take.

3. Requesting a Parent PLUS Loan

Request your Parent PLUS Loan online at

  • To complete the online Parent PLUS Loan request, you must have an FSA ID.
  • Be sure to specify the amount you wish to borrow. Parent Loan eligibility is listed on the student's award information in AidLink. If no amount is reported on the Parent PLUS Loan application, the loan will be processed for the maximum eligibility.
  • You must also complete a Parent PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) online at
Deadline for Submitting a Parent Loan Request Form
Student's Attendance Deadline Date
2020-21 academic year (fall and spring) May 1, 2021 (by 3 pm Pacific Time)
Fall 2020 only (will not attend spring) December 1, 2020 (by 3 pm Pacific Time)
Spring 2020 only (did not attend fall) May 1, 2021 (by 3 pm Pacific Time)

How will my student get the money?

Half of the approved loan amount will be disbursed during the fall semester and half during the spring semester. 

When your Parent PLUS Loan funds are available, any outstanding university charges will be deducted and the remaining funds will be mailed to you (the parent borrower) or, with your signed authorization on the Request for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan form, will be deposited to your student's bank account.

Get more info

For detailed information on Direct PLUS Loans, including applications, visit the Direct Loan section of the Federal Student Aid website.

federal student aid: An Office of the US Department of Education

Did you move?

The Parent Plus Loan check is mailed to the address the parent borrower lists on the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request form. If you have moved since requesting the Parent PLUS Loan, use the Parent's Change of Address form to notify us of your new address.