Renee Swatzell

What I do at Career Services

My position title is Administrative Coordinator. I think of my co-workers as my clients as I handle the department's catering, travel, personnel, repairs and attendance needs. Serving my department as the "go-to" person for processing Federal Work Study student workers and tracking their monthly time reporting is one of my responsibilities. I also enjoy working as the Lead for several student workers and the staff person in the Career Services reception area.

We work together to provide a friendly, welcoming and professional atmosphere at the front desk so students will not hesitate with their career questions when they enter our department. Choosing a career path is difficult for most people, and we want them to feel that we are on their side and truly interested in helping them succeed.

In addition, I serve as the Assistant to the Director of Career Services. Working with Dr. Tarbox (James) has raised my awareness of myself as a professional and all that it entails. I am constantly "in class" working with him and for that I am grateful. Learning is my favorite activity in any setting. What keeps me coming back is the variety of responsibilities my job entails and the people I work with. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of a team of staff and student workers who enjoy coming to work every day and are genuinely happy people. Our interactions are always positive and there is humor on all levels on a daily basis. My position requires me to interact with staff personnel in various departments on campus and I feel as though I have many friends here whether I've met them in person yet or not!

A little bit about myself

I enjoy reading, going to movies and spending time with my friends and family. Speaking in depth about a variety of topics is a lot of fun for me, too.  I have an AA degree with an emphasis in Communication/Psychology. Someday, I'd like to finish my Bachelor's degree.

Renee Swatzell

Renee Swatzell
Administrative Coordinator
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