Other Services, Programs and Resources

  • Accounting Recruitment
    If you are looking for an internship or employment in accountancy after graduation, you should interview this fall semester for opportunities with CPA firms, government agencies, and companies.
  • Diversity Initiatives
    SDSU Career Services is committed to supporting the career development of the diverse student and alumni populations that make up the Aztec Community.
  • Graduate and Professional School Preparation
    If you are interested in applying for graduate/professional school, the Career Resource Room has information materials to help you prepare.  How to write a personal statement.
  • International Experience
    Help for international students looking to work in the U.S., and for American students wanting to highlight international experiences to potential employers.
  • Online Resources
    Learn about a variety of online resources including GoingGlobal, Big Interview, Strong Interest Inventory, TypeFocus, and more.
  • Salary Surveys
    We conduct an outcomes survey of graduating seniors each semester.
  • Social Media
    The self you share online via social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and beyond, is important and can help or hinder your career. Learn how to present yourself to your best advantage.
  • Social Skills and Etiquette
    Business etiquette is one of the key components of professionalism. Knowing how to behave appropriately in a professional setting, to make others comfortable and treat them with politeness and respect, will undoubtedly help your career to thrive.
  • Special Opportunities
    Find out about fellowships, scholarships, and other resources and opportunities.
  • STEM Careers
    Discover STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics): Learn about occupations and meet professionals in these fields.
  • Veteran Resources
    Resources to help SDSU vets develop and realize their professional and career potential and maximize transferable skills.
  • WorkAbility IV
    Helps SDSU students and alumni with disabilities prepare for careers, find and retain jobs.