How You Can Help Your Student

At SDSU Career Services, we do our best to help all students reach their goals and find their professional path to success. As a parent you can also help by encouraging your student to:

  • Set up a Handshake account - All students should register with Handshake. Benefits include access to job and internship postings, career fairs, information sessions, workshops, and notices about upcoming events.
  • Participate in High-impact Experiences - Encourage learning inside and outside the classroom by helping your student tie academics to real-life experience. Encourage your student to participate in:
    • Internships - Not all majors require an internship experience, but all students can benefit from one. And it's never too early to start!

    • Aztec Mentor Program (AMP) - All students are encouraged to find a mentor, who can show and tell what a career is really like — as well as share personal experience and advice.  AMP is offered every semester, to connect students with mentors in their chosen career field.
    • Community Engagement -Soft skills are developed through working with other people and navigating new situations. Students who engage in their communities as volunteers early on in their education are developing necessary soft skills to be a competitive professional. There is a plethora of experiences waiting in the local community that do not require previous qualifications and offer a wealth of training, transferable skills, and networking opportunities.
  • Attend Career Services Workshops and Events - Each semester, Career Services offers career fairs, workshops, and information sessions designed to help students develop professionalism. These programs help students navigate, understand, and connect to a professional network.  View our current Workshops and Events Schedule.