On-Campus Interviews: A Free Service for Employers

Employers, we welcome you to schedule a date to visit our campus and interview undergraduates, graduating seniors, graduate students and alumni.

Recruiters may use our facilities at no cost to interview candidates for full-time, career, and internship positions.

After you've chosen one of 3 schedule types and selected your applicant criteria, Career Services will publicize your schedule and help to coordinate student sign-ups. 

When does On-Campus Interviewing begin and end?

On Campus Interviews are held throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Log into your Handshake account to view exact dates for each semester.

  • Fall recruiting usually begins in early September and ends in early December.
  • Spring recruiting usually begins mid- to late February and ends the first week of May.
  • Summer recruiting begins on June 1st and ends in the first week of August.

How do I create an On-Campus Interviewing schedule?

Log in to your Handshake account and submit schedule requests using the "Request an Interview" button on your home page, or by clicking “Interviews” in the left menu and selecting the "Request Interview Schedule" button. 

  • Click “Request Interview/Schedule.”
  • Fill out all the required fields.
  • Take note of the deadline dates.

How do students find out which employers will be conducting interviews on campus?

All students who want to use our services must register with Handshake.  We send out periodic emails alerting them about upcoming on-campus interviewing sessions.  Students can also log in to Handshake to:

  • Find out which employers have scheduled upcoming campus interviews
  • Search “Campus Interviews I Qualify For” for a listing of employers and interviews that best fit them

For more information, contact our Employer Relations Team at [email protected].