Career Services Alumni Fee Payment Instructions

  1. Log into your Webportal account. If you do not have your RedID number, you can retrieve it.

  2. Click Student Account Services in the left navigation menu
    WebPortal Menu - Alumni Services

  3. Click make payment  in the red menu at the top
    Webportal Make Payment link

  4. Click the Career Services Fees Menu link
    Career Services Fees Menu link

  5. Click the link for the Alumni Services package you want to purchase.

    Career Services Alumni Packages menu

  6. On the following screen, complete the form, then click the red Add to Basket button    add to basket button

  7. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Your account should be (re)enabled within 1-2 business days after your transaction is complete. To confirm, call 619-594-6509 or come into our office at Student Services East 1200.

Contact information

Patricia Nieves
Career Resource Specialist
[email protected]

Michelle Crownhart
Adminstrative Assistant
[email protected]