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AMPed Life: Mentoring, Momentum, Milestones Podcast

Join us on a journey where we honor the mentors who encourage us to keep pushing forward in our career and our life. SDSU Aztec Mentor Program (AMP) mentors and mentees will share their stories on how mentoring has elevated their perspective, given them momentum to move forward and provided the space to celebrate their milestones along the way. Listen to get inspired and find out how mentors can support you to live your AMPed life!  Hosted by Diane Marin who manages the Aztec Mentor Program and edited by Thuy Nguyen, AMP Student Assistant

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photo of Mulika Musyimi

This week, meet Mulika Musyimi, who is a Global Health and Environment Master’s student. He is from Kenya and migrated to the United States where he attended junior college and then transferred to SDSU. When he finishes his degree he would like to serve refugees, migrants, low income, LGBTQIA+ plus and minority populations that sometimes don't get access to good public health information. (Ep1 transcript)

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photo of Erin Vedar

This week, meet Erin Nicole Vedar, M.A., recent graduate and first generation student, who has three SDSU degrees. She shares about applying to grad school and how she learned to take the initiative to find the people, organizations and campus offices to best support her and remind her to be proud of what she is accomplishing. (Ep2 transcript)

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ep03 Corina Lard

This week, meet Corina Lard, who is a recent graduate in mechanical engineering. She moved to the east coast to work for Thermo Fisher Scientific in a two year rotational program called Operations Leadership Development Program which helps her develop different skills in areas of operation including logistics, quality and manufacturing engineering and supply chain. She appreciates having a woman mentor since she is working in a male dominated industry. (Ep3 transcript)

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photo of Joey Lucero

This week, meet Joey Lucero, who graduated in 2019 in communications with a minor in leadership. His mentorship and internship helped propel him into his career and focus of wanting to go into training and development. While in college he took a semester off to attend Disney College and met his wife. After college, he worked at GEICO in the Management Development program for Customer Service and in the Training and Orientation department. He is now at proSapient. (Ep4 transcript)

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photo of greg trujillo

This week, meet Greg Trujillo, who is a mentor and mechanical engineer who works at VERITY. He is a first generation college student who didn’t know what he wanted to do and didn’t have a mentor so he wants to support students as they take their next steps and gain confidence. He has helped students by reviewing their resumes and doing mock interviews. (Ep5 transcript)

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photo of mariana minjares

This week, meet Mariana Minjares, who is a recent graduate in journalism and media studies with a minor in leadership. Her dream was to attend SDSU since her parents attended SDSU and her grandparents worked there too. Her mentors helped her learn more about social media marketing and digital marketing and supported her as she transitioned from college to full time work. She is now at the San Diego Food Bank. (Ep6 transcript)

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photo of dave turis

This week, meet Dave Turis, a mentor who works at Yamaha Pro Music. He is a local San Diegan who joined as mentor to get more involved and give back to his SDSU community. He enjoys giving guidance and leadership to students as they are transitioning into the workforce and finding a career. (Ep7 transcript)

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photo of megan guardado

This week, meet Megan Guardado, who is a recent graduate in nursing. She took the initiative to reach out to her local hospital for an internship and job and connected with an SDSU alum and mentor. The mentor helped her get a job by referring her and connecting with others at the hospital including another SDSU alum. Her mentor continues to support her as a new grad in the nursing profession.  (Ep 8 transcript)

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