Price Community Scholars

Price Community Scholars Mentees

Program Overview

The Price Community Scholars Grant assists in the recruitment and support of fifteen (per cohort) high-achieving San Diego State University (SDSU) students from City Heights (primarily from Hoover and Crawford High Schools) with a scholarship of up to $7500. The Price Community Merit-Service Scholarship Committee selects prospective high achieving SDSU students to each mentor three City Heights middle school students for a period of four years. Mentees are selected from the top 20% of their class at Monroe Clark or Wilson middle schools. This initiative provides programs for both mentor and mentee that assists in building a community that enhances the path to higher education through academic success, self-awareness, cross-cultural exchange, and civic participation. Mentors meet with their mentees each week after school in one-on-one meetings and provide supplemental instruction and information to support their pathway to college

Program Structure

  • Students Served: Selected high achieving students from Wilson and Monroe Clark Middle School
  • Mentoring Focus: College awareness, academic and life skills
  • Frequency of Meetings: Weekly one-on-one mentoring after school
  • Mentoring Location: At mentee’s school
  • Mentor and Mentee Pairing: Mentors and mentees are paired up by career goals, academic needs, and interests

Mentee Selection Criteria

  • Obtain parent or guardian permission (demonstrated by a completed parent/guardian permission waiver)
  • Be committed for four years (7th grade through the completion of 10th grade at Hoover High School)
  • Be enrolled at Wilson or Monroe Clark middle schools
  • Commit to meeting weekly with a mentor
  • Commit to community service and cultural enrichment projects
  • Parent or guardian must be committed to support student success

Student Benefits

  • Academic support in critical and fundamental subjects
  • Developing and enhancing fundamental academic skills that support gaining admission at selective colleges and universities
  • Creating awareness of the pathway to higher education and career exploration
  • Engaging in arts, culture and community service in the San Diego Community

For more information: Contact Program Coordinator, Alessa Becerra at [email protected] or 619-485-3028