** Please Note: If you have questions regarding your EOP Application please send that inquiry to: [email protected]. Include your full name, SDSU ID, which term you are applying to and your question(s).
DO NOT email staff for EOP application questions as this may delay a response.

Attention Recommenders, for students applying to EOP:
Please do not send EOP Letters of Recommendation to EOP staff's personal emails.

For information on how to submit letters of recommendations, please visit the How to Apply page. Download the recommendation form.


Shareka White                                      619-594-6298 [email protected]

Associate Directors

Danny Oliveira (Current Students) 619-594-6298 [email protected]
Vacant (Prospective Students)



Assistant Directors

Bryan Spencer (Guardian Scholars)       619-594-0140 [email protected]


AAA-CAM Robert Guzman 619-594-6298 [email protected]
CAN-EZZ (A-L, Guardian Scholars) Charnise Bumpus 619-594-6298 [email protected]
FAA-HER TBA 619-594-6298 [email protected]
HES-MEN TBA 619-594-6298 [email protected]
MEO-PAL (M-Z, Guardian Scholars) Bianca Rodriguez 619-594-6298 [email protected]
PAM-SAN, Price Scholars Alessa Becerra 619-594-6298 [email protected]
SAO-ZZZ Cara Yoo 619-594-6298 [email protected]
Compact Scholars Diana Romero 619-594-6298 [email protected]
Summer Bridge First Year Students Alex Castruita 619-594-6298 [email protected]
Financial Aid Information Specialist Adolfo Garcia 619-594-6298 [email protected]

Learning Support Center (LSC)

Vacant 619-594-6298 [email protected]

Outreach, Recruitment and Admission

Jamie Garcia, High School 619-594-0732 [email protected]
Lorena Malo, Transfers 619-594-5047 [email protected]
Vacant, Special Program Transfers 619-594-0300 [email protected]
Raquel Vega, High School 619-594-3280 [email protected]
Frances Zamilpa, High School Conferences 619-594-6298 [email protected]
TBA, High School, Compact for Success 619-594-6298 TBD / [email protected]

Special Programs

Rosie Villafana-Hatcher Early Start Program Manager 619-594-0657 [email protected]
Nia Williams Guardian Scholars Program Coordinator 619-594-5717 [email protected]
Marie BraƱes GS Assistant Program Coordinator 619-594-5717 [email protected]
Cynthia Becerra Coordinator, Price Community Scholars 619-594-8359 [email protected]
Carlos Perez Aguilar Assistant Coordinator, Price Community Scholars 619-594-9829 [email protected]

Operations and Support

Tanya Calienta 619-594-8957 [email protected]
Martha Zanabria 619-594-6298 [email protected]