Transfer Bridge Program

What is EOP Transfer Bridge Program?

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The EOP Transfer Bridge Program (TBP) is an intensive transitional program offered during the summer prior to the beginning of the fall semester to newly admitted EOP students transferring into San Diego State University from community colleges.
The purpose of the program is for students to effectively utilize and be aware of the SDSU resources which supports their academic advising/counseling during TBP. At the conclusion of the program students should be able to identify graduation requirements for their major, effectively identify and use library support services, demonstrate financial literacy in areas of financial aid and scholarship searches as well as demonstrate the value of peer relations to support their university transition.

Why Should I Attend

The transition from community college to SDSU can be overwhelming. Students who participate in the EOP Transfer Bridge Program are able to get head start from other incoming transfer students. The program provides students with a better understanding of EOP, university requirements, resources and networking opportunities - so that students know exactly what is expected of them as they establish contacts early on in their university experience. Listed below are some of the benefits in participating in the program:

  • Understanding SDSU EOP and the services provided
  • Workshops that focus on academic and social issues
  • The opportunity to become familiar with the SDSU Campus, its resources and support programs
  • Learn how to utilize library resources
  • Explore the SDSU campus community
  • Network with other EOP transfer students with similar goals
  • Receive support from a mentor during the program

Join us this summer in the EOP Transfer Bridge Program and get a jump start on your SDSU journey!


The 2020 EOP Transfer Bridge Program will be in the latter half of July, 2020. Anticipated dates: 

  • Monday, July 27th - Friday, July 31st


  1. Admission into SDSU
  2. Admission into EOP
  3. Complete Intent to Enroll to SDSU
  4. Register and attend EOP First Contact
  5. Complete the TBP application & Agreement Form
  6. Attend TBP Orientation the same day you attend EOP First Contact

How do I Participate in Transfer Bridge?

Fill out and submit the following:

Transfer Bridge Program summer 20 flyer with program dates and details.

How Can I Be a TBP Mentor?

Fill out and submit the following:

Transfer Bridge Mentor Job Description


EOP Program Graduate Assistant
[email protected]